MSRP: $7,995.00
TK-F7100U RGB Frame Capture Camera

The TK-F7100U is a high resolution color video camera designed for image capture applications. With an appropriate image capture board, the TK-F7100U can produce images with over twice the resolution of typical three-tube cameras. And unlike a flat-bed scanner, the TK-F7100U makes it possible to capture three dimensional objects of any size, and can do so in less than a half of a second.

The TK-F7100U is an unconventional video camera in several ways. First, it outputs a signal that is not standard with the normal television signals we are accustomed to. Secondly, the color video components are output sequentially, which means that it takes just a little longer to capture a complete image. (But the difference is only slight.) And thirdly, it requires a synchronization signal from the device doing the digitizing--usually an image capture board.

By not being restricted to the conventions of standard video, the TK-F7100U is able to overcome many of the drawbacks of a video camera, yet it still retains the convenience and ease of operation that make video cameras so popular.


The TK-F7100U achieves its stunning resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels through the use of a single hi-resolution Saticon pickup tube. An advanced servo driven filter system sequentially provides the proper color separation, with no registration error, distortion, or stripe interference. A detail enhancement circuit further adds to the the sharpness of the image. Of course, it can be switched off if the user finds it necessary to do so.


The TK-F7100U connects to the image capture board via a single 9- pin connector. There is also a BNC video output which provides a black & white composite video signal, for focusing. A standard NTSC monitor can be used for this purpose. A "focus-zoom" switch is provided which enlarges the image for more precise focusing. Correct color balance is assured using the TK-F7100U's "auto white" balance circuit. For controlled lighting situations, a 3200K setting is also available. C-MOUNT LENS CAPABILITY

To allow for a wide variety of lenses, the TK-F7100U is equipped with a standard C-Mount. This enables the camera to be used with many video camera lenses and with numerous other devices such as microscopes, endoscopes, telescopes, etc. Even lenses designed for 35mm still cameras can be used with the TK-F7100U with the appropriate adapter!

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