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The TM-R14U is a compact, high quality multi-function color video monitor designed for a wide variety of broadcast and professional applications. It's two composite video inputs and RGB analog inputs allow it to be connected to almost any video installation. EXCELLENT PICTURE QUALITY

The TM-R14U utilizes a flat face, in-line sharp corner CRT with a dot pitch of 0.43 mm for exceptional resolution. Picture sharpness is further assured through the use of a high quality comb filter which separates luminance and chrominance components. A notch filter (switchable) effectively eliminates chrominance interference, thus further improving picture quality. Horizontal resolution is greater than 400 TV lines. RGB AND COMPOSITE VIDEO INPUTS

Two pairs of loop-thru composite video inputs are provided, each with 75-ohm termination switches. In addition, non-composite analog inputs are provided for the individual red, green, and blue channels using BNC connectors. Signals from many graphics units and three-tube color cameras may be connected to the RGB inputs. When viewing composite video signals, the color circuits can be de- selected with the COLOR/B&W switch. INTERNAL/EXTERNAL SYNC

A BNC connector is provided for an external sync signal. (External sync must be used in the RGB mode.) Switching between internal and external sync can be done either from the front panel, or remote control (not included). UNDERSCAN, BLUE CHECK

For more accurate monitoring, the scan size can be switched to the underscan mode--either from the front panel, or by remote control. (Remote control not included.) In addition, a blue check circuit allows viewing of only the blue portion of the composite signal. This is useful when adjusting the monitor with a color bar signal. FRONT PANEL PRESETS

Detent adjustments on the front panel can be preset with screwdriver adjustment, to facilitate returning to the preset conditions. In addition, a degaussing switch is located on the front panel to restore color purity. TALLY LAMP

A tally lamp signal (from a switcher, etc) may be applied to the remote connector on the rear panel. A front panel lamp will illuminate. REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTION

A multi-pin (XLR-type) connector is provided on rear panel for connecting an external remote control unit. Many front panel switches (input select, int/ext sync, notch, color on/off, blue check, scan size) can be remotely controlled by contact closures, through this connector. (Remote control unit is not included.) METAL CABINET, RACK MOUNT OPTION

The TM-R14U is housed in a very compact, rugged, metal cabinet which can be mounted in a standard 19" rack, using an optional rack mount kit. AC power connections are made using a detachable grounded power cord.