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INTRODUCTION ------------ JVC, the originator of the world's most popular video format--VHS, has designed and built a VHS Hi-Fi recorder specifically for tape duplication! The new BR-7000U was conceived with the anticipation of a large consumer demand for pre-recorded VHS Hi-Fi tapes during the next few years. And it was conceived with the idea that people duplicating the video cassettes would be expecting the very highest quality video and audio reproduction from a machine designed for such a purpose. The JVC BR-7000U is a departure from the conventional VHS recorder/player in a number of ways: * It is the only VHS machine ever offered with test points for drum pulse, video RF, HiFi audio RF, etc. on the front panel--where technicians can make quick measurements of the deck's performance. * It has a front panel serial number and hour meter (5000 hours). * A trap-door is provided in the cabinet for easy head cleaning. * It will record a cassette with the recording safety tab off and provide front panel indication that it is doing so. * A cover is provided to prevent accidental misoperation of front panel controls. * Video AGC on/off switch and manual video level control are provided. * Heavy-duty construction utilizing a die-cast chassis and a direct-drive reel servo system. * Incorporation of the VHS Hi-Fi system with rotary audio heads. WHY A VIDEO RECORDER JUST FOR DUPLICATORS?

JVC engineers visited a number of major duplication facilities throughout the world, and it became apparent that the needs of duplicator were unlike those of any other user of video tape products. There was the temptation to design an "all purpose" recorder/player that would incorporate some of the features the duplicators needed--and many features that were not needed. But there were already such machines on the market, and that's not what the duplicators were asking for. Instead, JVC engineers took the ideas and suggestions of the engineers and technicians specializing in duplication, and came up with a VCR that was designed INSIDE and OUT especially for them. Complete with punch-outs on the rear panel for user modifications, and front panel test points, the BR-7000U was designed for one application: continuous duty tape duplication in the VHS Hi-Fi format at the Standard Play tape speed. DURABILITY

The BR-7000U is based on the most advanced electronic tape transport system available today. The transport, mounted on a solid die-cast aluminum chassis, utilizes direct drive reel motors. The head drum and capstan motors are also direct drive. EASE OF MAINTENANCE

Despite its low maintenance design, JVC engineers wanted a recorder that technicians could keep in peak operating condition with utmost ease. It is for this reason that several innovations were incorporated: 1. Front panel test points. Provided are the following: a) Ground b) Drum pulse c) Video RF (FM carrier) d) Hi-Fi audio RF (FM carrier) e) Normal audio RF-out 2. Plug-in circuit board construction. Most circuit boards are designed for quick replacement and can be swung out or unplugged. In addition, a replaceable fuse is located on the rear panel. 3. Front panel hour meter and serial number. Most people wouldn't want these items on the front of the machine, but the BR-7000U wasn't designed for most people. Duplication houses want the ability to quickly identify a machine and its operating hours. The plug-in hour meter indicates up to 5000 hours of head drum operation, and can be reset by simply un-plugging and turning around. 4. Window for tape path cleaning. On the top cover of this front load machine is a trap door. Inside, there is access to the head drum and tape path components. DUPLICATOR-FRIENDLY OPERATION

The following features were asked for by the professional duplication houses: 1. Wide opening for accepting the cassette with a guide for easy loading and unloading of the cassette. 2. At-a-glance large recording indicator (possibly the largest LED recording indicator in the industry!) 3. Recording capability of a cassette with the safety-tab off. (Bulk duplication tape is shipped and recorded with the safety tab already broken off. This eliminates the need for the duplicator to remove the tab). The BR-7000U goes one step further: A front panel LED tells the duplicator whether the tab is in the cassette or not. 4. Large video/tracking and audio meters. 5. A cover for operational buttons is provided which prevents accidental misoperation. Since all transport functions are normally remote controlled, there is no need for the person loading and unloading tapes to have access to these controls. 6. Video AGC on/off switch. Provided as a convenience, the video recording level can be adjusted manually or automatically, using the AGC. The BR-7000U is equipped with a video level meter. OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE

The performance of the BR-7000U is second to none! With no compromise either electronically or mechanically, JVC engineers built the very best VHS machine possible. * Direct drive motors are used for the head drum, capstan, supply reel and take-up reel, keeping tape movement smooth and consistent. * Improved video processing circuitry including: - a pulse response improvement circuit - s/n improvement circuit - improved filter response - improved head resonance characteristics * Dolby B noise reduction circuits on the normal audio channels. * Utilization of the "VHS Hi-Fi" audio format, incorporating two rotary audio heads. Audio dynamic range is more than 85dB, with a frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hz.

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