MSRP: $4,189.00

Fully meeting professional requirements, KY-17BU has three 1/2" IT (Interline Transfer) CCDs with the latest technology including a micro lens over each pixel. The result is 640 lines of horizontal resolution, with maximum sensitivity, and reduced vertical smear.

JVC's KY-17FITU is a powerful new addition to our color video camera lineup for professionals. Featuring three 1/2" FIT (Frame Interline Transfer) CCDs, it provides 700 lines of horizontal resolution and great pictures with no smearing.

NEW 1/2 INCH CCDS JVC's KY-17 series of cameras feature new, high-sensitivity 1/2" CCDs with excellent horizontal resolution. The 640-1ine KY-17BU is equipped with IT (Interline Transfer) CCDs and the 700-1ine KY- 17FITU has FIT (Frame Interline Transfer) CCDs.

NEW TECHNOLOGY IT CCD FOR KY-17BU, NEW FIT CCD FOR KY-17FITU The KY-17BU is equipped with MICRO-LENS technology. MICRO-LENS technology collects light that would normally fall onto the shielded area and forces it into the photo sensor for increased sensitivity. The light shield therefore can be made much larger, reducing unwanted light entering the vertical shift register, and resulting in reduced smear.

Previously installed only in broadcast cameras, low-smear FIT CCD sensors are now incorporated in the KY-17FITU. The result is almost no vertical smear when shooting extremely bright objects, such as lamps and reflecting surfaces.

Electronic sophistication is matched by assembly precision. JVC's unique ultra-high precision adhesion technology is applied to precisely align the three 1 /2 inch CCD sensors to the F1.4 prism. This maximizes the benefit of spatial offset so that maximum resolution and suppression of alias components can be realized.

Performance is further enhanced by a CDS (Correlated Double Sampling) circuit for the highest possible S/N ratio. This clever innovation produces a S/N ratio of 60 dB for each version with a minimum subject illumination of 20 lux for KY-17FITU and 16 lux for KY-17BU. These features make the KY-17BU/KY-17FITU the class-leader for picture quality and performance.

Microprocessor-controlled setup function Inside the KY-17BU/FITU cameras is a microprocessor with preprogrammed white and black balance adjustments. Just push the Auto Setup button for one second to set both white and black balance. To adjust only the white balance, hold the button down for less than one second.

FOUR-POSITION FILTER TURRET A built-in filter turret offers 3200K, 5600K, 5600K t 25% ND, and closed positions. As a result, you can achieve excellent pictures under a wide range of light conditions.

"ZEBRA PATTERN" VIDEO SIGNAL The operator can quickly check the iris level through the viewfinder by observing the "Zebra pattern," which indicates those portions of the picture which are at the 90% level.

2H VERTICAL CONTOUR CORRECTION CIRCUIT For improved picture sharpness, contour correction is derived from Green and Red channels.

COLOR MATRIX CIRCUIT Both cameras feature color matrix circuits with six adjustments to assure accurate color reproduction.

FLARE CIRCUIT Flare caused by strong light sources is compensated by a flare correction circuit in each of the R, G, and B channels. This assures stable black levels regardless of how much light enters the camera.

NEGATIVE/POSITIVE IMAGE REVERSAL The KY-17 series models have a negative/positive image reversal function for special effects and film-to-tape transfers using telecine equipment, with negative film.

HIGH-SPEED ELECTRONIC SHUTTER To make sure you do not miss even the fastest action, KY-17BU/KY- 17FITU incorporate a hjgh-speed, electronic shutter with operating speeds of 1/100, 1 /250, 1 /500, 1/1000 and 1 /2000 second.

STEREO AUDIO CIRCUIT The dual-channel preamplifiers of the cameras record full stereo sound. You can connect an optional stereo microphone to the camera's hot shoe for sharp sound delineation. Single-channel operation is also possible for monaural recording.

WIDE RANGE OF LENSES JVC has developed a range of outstanding new lenses for the KY- 17BU/FITU. you'll find exactly the lens for your application, whether you're looking for broadcast quality or are considering professional applications. All lenses can be fitted with either manual or servo controls.

SELF-DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM WITH CHARACTER DISPLAY The KY-17BU/FITU has an advanced self-diagnostic system with built- in character generator. Displayed on the viewfinder screen, you'll find a comprehensive status display giving key data and warning indication for the camera as well as for some recorders.

RS-170A SYNC SIGNAL GENERATOR A sync signal generator conforming to the RS-170A standard allows easy integration of KY-17BU/FITU cameras jnto all broadcasting systems.

EXTERNAL SYNC An external sync circuit permits the cameras to be genlocked in the KA-20 camera adapter to other cameras and video equipment. you can ad/ust SC PHASE and H PHASE with the controls on the side panel of the KA-20 camera adapter.

VTR SELECTOR SWITCH The three-position VTR trigger switch on the side of the KA-20 camera adapter assures compatibility with virtually any recorder.

SERVICEABILITY The KY-17 series coffers a constructjon quality rarely found in professional grade equipment, and usually only available in broadcast grade cameras. AII major circuits are on vertical plug-in PC boards, with most adjustments on the edge of the boards. No annoying dismantling of parts and getting out a service manual just to make a simple adjustment. Notice that high reliability after many years of use. Compare this with any camera in its class and you'll see the difference. It costs more to build a camera this way, but at JVC we don't take chances with your investment.

MOBILITY AND FLEXIBILITY (Camcorder combination with JVC's S-VHS recorder) The KY-17BU/KY-17FITU are designed to dock directly with JVC's professional BR-S411U and BR-S420CU S-VHS Portable Recorders. Compact and light, these recorders offer the superior picture quality of S-VHS with a horizontal resolution of more than 400 lines, together with mobility and the flexibility which characterizes the VHS format. These recorders have a full array of professional recording functions including AEF (Automatic Editing Functionl, Long Pause mode, input switching, and audio level meters and controls.

OTHER FEATURES: * Intercom headset connector with output level control * Audio output level selector switch * Earphone jack * AUX video selector switch