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The TMR9U is a multi-purpose monitor designed for a wide variety of applications and suitable for use in even the most demanding broadcast environments. Whether in a rack-mount studio installation, or in a portable configuration, the TMR9U offers the features that professionals demand in a high-performance, modest priced monitor. EXCELLENT PICTURE QUALITY

A newly-developed color demodulator and comb filter provide accurate color reproduction along with excellent definition. The TMR9U boasts a high resolution of more than 310 lines. Variations in black level are suppressed by a pedestal clamp system. TWO-WAY POWER SUPPLY

The TMR9U can be used with either an AC120V or DC 12/24 volt power supply. DUAL VIDEO INPUTS, SYNC INPUT

Separate loop-thru video inputs/outputs are provided for two separate video source. These may be switched either from the front panel, or from an external remote control switch (customer provided) connected to the remote terminal on the rear panel. A loop-thru input is also provided for EXT SYNC. Termination (75 ohm) are provided for all loop-thru inputs. PULSE CROSS, UNDER SCAN, BLUE CHECK

The pulse cross switch shifts sync phase so that the blanking portions of the video signal (horizontal and vertical) can be viewed on the screen. For more accurate monitoring, the scan size can be switched to the underscan mode--either from the front panel, or by remote control. In addition, a blue check circuit facilitates adjustment with a color bar signal. COLOR OFF SWITCH

White balance adjustment is facilitated through the use of the "color off" switch (which can also be remote controlled). FRONT PANEL PRESETS

Detent adjustments on the front panel can be preset with screwdriver adjustment, to facilitate returning to the preset conditions. TALLY LAMP

A tally lamp signal (from a switcher, etc) may be applied to the remote connector on the rear panel. A front panel lamp will illuminate. REAR PANEL CONTROLS

A skew switch is provided so that the time constant of the AFC circuit for horizontal deflection may be selected. This enables the user to correct many common skew errors in video tape playback. A degauss switch is also provided for manual degaussing. (Degaussing is also performed automatically when the power switch is turned on.) METAL CABINET, COMPACT SIZE, RACK MOUNT

The TMR9U is the most compact 9" studio-type monitor offered to date. It is housed in a rugged, metal cabinet which can be mounted in a standard 19" rack, using the optional RK9U rack mount kit. With this kit, two TMR9U's can be mounted side by side, or one TMR9U can be mounted next to a waveform monitor (by adding the ADP9U adaptor).