MSRP: $2,280.00
From live event feeds to security surveillance and traffic monitoring, the VN-C3WU is today's simplest and most complete Internet imaging solution. Featuring a built-in Web server, powerful 10x zoom, pan/tilt, and alarm input/output capability, all in an ultra-compact unit, this Web camera can be installed virtually anywhere and deliver high-quality images to the Internet for real-time monitoring or broadcast. Better yet, the camera can be controlled and monitored via a standard Web browser, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Ultra-Compact, All-In-One Web Camera with Built-In Web Server
The VN-C3WU's all-in-one design includes camera unit with pan/tilt and zoom, image compression, network interface and Web server, all in a compact body. Images can be served directly to the Internet without a computer.

Monitoring and Camera Control Possible Via Web Browser
Since it comes with a built-in Web server, it is platform-independent and can be monitored with any computer that can run a standard Web browser. Users can also control the camera from a remote location, adjusting all functions including picture quality, pan/tilt, zoom, and even network setting.

10x Optical Zoom and Multi-Angle Pan/Tilt Capability
With 10x optical zoom capability and high-speed pan/tilt function, camera movement can be freely controlled in hori-zontal, vertical and diagonal directions. Quick access to the desired monitoring point is possible with 10 preset positions.

10Base-T Interface for Direct Connection with Existing Network
For image output from the camera, both models incorporate the world's standard 10Base-T interface. This allows direct connection with existing network environments and greatly reduces installation cost and time.

Alarm In/Out Function for Automatic Surveillance
The camera can be set to work in conjunction with an infrared sensor or door alarm, automatically moving to a preset position when an alarm signal is received.

Three Different Security Levels
Three different user levels determined by authentication of a Password assigned to individual users:
(1) User: only image browsing
(2) Operator: plus operation of pan/tilt and zoom control
(3) Administrator: plus picture quality adjustment and network settings.

Serve Images On The Internet, Show Images On the Internet
From transmission of on-location visuals for tourists to traffic information or live event broadcasts, JVC's Web cameras are the most complete, easy-to-use Internet-ready visual network system available.

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