MSRP: $17,995.00
The DLA-G150HT, is the first in JVC's CineLine projector series, a line of specially optimized products for Digital Cinema applications. Contrary to standard projectors, the DLA-G150HT's CineLine digital processing system optimizes gray scale and gamma levels for precision cinema performance. The DLA-G150HT is the only projector in its class to achieve the critical D-6500 color temperature standard. This projector makes use of JVC's unique "Video Gamma Profile," whereby luminance level and color temperature are optimized to track throughout the full gamma range, displaying the most subtle details and color shades even in the blacks.

The DLA-G150HT is compatible with all standard Computer, SDTV and HDTV signals including 1080psf 24 used by high-end electronic cinematography cameras.

The DLA-G150HT is ideal for screens ranging from 6 to 12 feet wide.

Complementing its CineLine engine are its D-ILA imagers that combine high resolution with a continuous mirror surface, delivering sharp, artifact free, smooth as silk images devoid of pixel-grid at virtually any viewing distance.

The DLA-G150HT's picture quality is truly extraordinary. Its precision picture rendition rivals that of traditional motion picture theaters, making it ideal for motion picture screening rooms, viewing of dailies, post-production environments and other critical viewing applications including high-end home theater applications.

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