MSRP: $10,400.00
"Digital Cinema" is the use of digital technology in traditional film media applications, enabling dramatic cost savings and productivity improvements in production, distribution and exhibition. JVC's CINELINE is a line of camcorders and accessories developed after extensive consultation with leading film directors and cinematographers. Our flagship CineLine DV camcorder is the new GY-DV700WUCL, 16:9 switchable camcorder.

This camera goes far beyond simulating a "film look," It is designed to provide the best digital transfers to film, resulting in incredible quality final prints unmatched by any other digital source.

The GY-DV700WUCL, with true 16:9 2/3-inch CCDs, was developed especially with filmmaking in mind. A prototype of this model recently shot the winning entry in the "One Shot" competition at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Though physically similar to its non-Cineline counterpart, the GY-DV700WU, this new camcorder produces significantly different output, and therefore shouldn't be expected to match in a multi-camera environment with non-Cineline models. Accessories are interchangeable with the non-Cineline versions.

DV filmmaking has never been better!