MSRP: $585.00
JVC's TK-C1480U color CCTV camera performs excellently even in near-dark or bright ambient light conditions, both indoors and outdoors. Unlike other CCTV cameras, the TK-C1480U features a new high-sensitivity CCD, digital signal processor with extended dynamic range, motion detector, and Super LoLux to ensure quality image capture even under the most demanding conditions and in the most difficult locations.

Totally New 1/3-Inch Interline Transfer (IT) CCD
JVC's TK-C1480U camera comes loaded with a totally new 1/3-inch IT CCD, which delivers clear pictures without image lag or geometric distortion. And, with a signal-to-noise ratio of more than 50dB, the TK-C1480U produces crisp images with a low level of smear and accurate color reproduction. High-sensitivity is also excellent so that no detail is missed even under low light conditions (0.4 lux at F1.2.)
New Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
A powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with Extended Dynamic Range (X170 Max. at Auto, X330 Max. at Manual) lets users shoot in dark and bright locations.
Super LoLux
JVC's exclusive Super Lolux enables the camera to shoot high-quality images in light as low as 0.4 lux with minimal noise. This is the lowest level ever of darkness where the TK-C1480U can see far better than the naked eye. At X32 slow shutter minimum illumination is even as low as 0.0125 lux.
Compatible with the Wide Dynamic Range
A bright portion in the shooting area is shot with the high-speed shutter exposure, while a dark portion shot with the normal exposure. Both of the images read in then synthesized to output a single image that includes distinguishable bright and dark portions. Therefore, the camera is compatible with a wide range of scenes such as the entrance of a building where a difference in illumination tends to be encountered due to the varying effects of the external light on the entrance, and a place where a subject can be backlighted due to the direction of lighting, etc. See example below:
RS-422A/RS-485 Terminals
RS-422A/RS-485 terminals offer multi-system remote control compatibility.
Motion Detector Function
A motion detector function detects the motion inside an image and emits alarm signals.
Full Genlock
INT/EXT (Full genlock)/LINE LOCK opens up a wide array of shooting options with connectors for BB or VBS (BNC) sync input.
White Balance
To ensure optimum white balance under a wide range of color temperatures, the TK-C1480U comes with four white balance modes -- ATW (Auto Traced White Balance) and AWC (one push Automatic White Balance Control with Manual Paint Possible ). So the operator can select the ideal white balance for the shooting conditions.
Camera ID
The TK-C1480U has a built-in camera ID system for configuring a multi-camera surveillance system.
Wide-Range Automatic Electronic Shutter
A wide-range Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES) continuously adjusts speed to ensure correct exposure under any lighting conditions (1/60 -- 1/100,000 second).
Y/C Output Connectors
The TK-C1480U is equipped with connectors for BB or VBS (BNC) sync input and VBS (BNC), Y/C (S-terminal, 4-pin) output.
Easy Menu-Driven Parameter Setting
A simple menu-driven operation sets a range of parameters including IRIS, ENHANCE, PED, ATW/AWC, H. PHASE/ SC. PHASE, AGC ON/OFF, AGC, COLOR and L.L. PHASE.
Backlight Compensation
With a bright light in the back, this function improves the image. 4 types of fixed and 2 types of editable, metered areas are available.
C/CS Mount with DC/Video Iris Lens
The TK-C1480U is C/CS-mount lens compatible, so the ideal lens for an application can be selected from the widest possible range.
AC 24V/DC 12V Power Supply
The TK-C1480U may be powered by AC 24V/DC 12V sources.

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