Powerful 3-CCD imaging, 12-bit A/D, DSP and 14x zoom lens for superior performance

3-CCD camera for high-quality picture
To ensure the best possible image quality, the GY-DV300U incorporates three 1/3" 410,000 CCDs (effective 380,000 pixels) with spatial offset. Each CCD is equipped with highly advanced circuitry that virtually eliminates vertical smear (115dB smear reduction) when shooting bright lights in a dark room. Lag and image burn are also reduced to indiscernible levels, while high sensitivity of F11 at 2000 lux assures creative flexibility and simplifies lighting requirements. Unlike other cameras in its class, it has powerful pixel compensation. Horizontal resolution is an astounding 700 TV lines.

Newly-developed 12-bit DSP
The GY-DV300U incorporates JVC's new DSP with advanced 12-bit analog to digital (A/D) and digital processing to bring out natural details, eliminate spot noise, and accurately reproduce dark areas. Bright objects will not wash out under intense light situations. The sky will remain blue. 12-bit A/D provides a direct digital path (no analog pre-gain or pre-knee circuits)--a feature unique on a camera in this class!

Professional Color Matrix
The camera has the full flexibility of a color matrix providing broadcast quality color reproduction. Users can change the gamma with two settings -- "normal" and "cine" to give the look of film.

400% dynamic range
By creating an ultra-smooth gamma curve calculated with a true log scale algorithm, a dynamic range of 400% is obtained, making it possible to accurately reproduce fine details and subtle colors throughout the picture, including shadowed and highlighted areas.

14x zoom lens
Both auto and manual focus and iris control are available. 14x zoom speed can be varied as required and the large diameter focus ring ensures smooth, accurate focusing, allowing you to shoot the intended images. An optical image stabilizer (inner focus) helps stabilize zoom images.

LOLUX 2.65 lux (F1.6)
When activated, the LOLUX mode increases sensitivity with almost no increase in noise. LOLUX increases the gain by 45x (+33 dB) so you can capture high-quality video footage with excellent color balance in low-light conditions.

Optical image stabilizer
To minimize jittery images when shooting with the handheld GY-DV300U, an optical image stabilizer is provided.

AE (automatic exposure) function
Brightness is automatically adjusted by combining the gain, shutter speed and iris.

Full auto shooting
When the GY-DV300U is in the Auto mode, iris, shutter speed, gain, white balance, audio rec level and optional image stabilizer are all adjusted automatically according to the shooting conditions. Picture quality can be adjusted manually, with individual settings available for master black, detail, DTL frequency, V resolution, auto knee, black and color matrix.

16:9 (letterbox) and 4:3 aspect ratios
The screen can be switched between 4:3 and 16:9, allowing you to record signals with the aspect ratio appropriate to the application.

Optional wide conversion lens
For telephoto and wide-angle shooting without sacrificing lens performance, optional telephoto and wide-angle conversion lenses are available.

One-push auto focus/auto iris
When the focus or iris switch is set to MANUAL, the Auto Focus mode or Auto Iris mode can be engaged by pressing and holding the PUSH AUTO FOCUS or PUSH AUTO IRIS button.

Reliable recording system for high-quality MiniDV pictures and PCM audio

MiniDV recording system with SP/LP mode
The GY-DV300U combines the convenience and affordability of MiniDV with the high-quality camera performance you need for professional use. Up to 80 minutes* of high-quality 8-bit, 13.5 MHz, 4:1:1 DV component digital images can be recorded on a single MiniDV tape, assuring you the high-quality, non-degradable images you need for top results in post-production editing. Impressive horizontal resolution of 500 lines is achieved when signals are played back via DV output. The high-quality SP mode and up to 120-minute ** recording LP mode are available to choose from depending on your requirements.
* With an M-DV80 tape.
** In the LP mode, only self recording/playback is possible.

High-quality PCM audio
To complement the superior pictures, the GY-DV300U offers outstanding digital PCM sound. Audio signals are locked with video signals for smooth editing. You can choose from two 16-bit 48-kHz channels or two 12-bit, 32-kHz channels with a dynamic range of more than 75 dB.

SMPTE time code generator
SMPTE-standard time code can be recorded and read for accurate editing. The time code system is locked to the drop-frame mode, REC RUN mode or re-generation mode.

Audio recording level adjust
Audio recording level can be adjusted to minimize extraneous noise picked up by the microphone. Audio recording levels for channels 1 and 2 can be set either manually or automatically.

Edit search
Edit points can be quickly accessed in the Standby mode for review or to set the start point for recording.

Versatile, user-friendly design with professional functions

Light weight ergonomic design
This handheld camcorder weighs only 2.56 lbs., giving you the flexibility and mobility you need for any type of application. The ergonomic design makes operation easier, allowing you to capture the action in any situation. All the important controls are logically clustered on the outside of the camera within easy reach. Controls are shaped differently allowing easy identification by touch alone. An optional shoulder adapter is available, allowing you to support the camcorder on the shoulder to stabilize shooting.

2.5-inch LCD display
The 2.5" color TFT LCD monitor with 18,000 pixels and 440 TV lines with adjustable peaking and zebras displays a high-resolution image during shooting or instant replay. The LCD monitor is tiltable (180 degrees up and 90 degrees down) for high-angled overhead shooting and low-angle shots.

Systematic menu screens for easy control
The convenient menu system lets you quickly set and switch most basic functions while referring to the LCD display, viewfinder or on monitor.

0.5-inch LCD color viewfinder
The high-resolution viewfinder shows your subject in full color, making it easy to locate and frame your subject with the monitor closed. As the view angle can be adjusted, you can follow the target easily. For low-angle shooting, the viewfinder can be raised about 70 degrees. The viewfinder features LCD peaking for quick easy focusing and adjustable zebras from 75 to 100% for precise manual iris control.

IEEE 1394 input/output connector
This allows bi-directional transfer of a high-quality compressed digital motion-picture signal to a computer, D-9 decks (equipped with SA-D60U adapter), a non-linear editing system or to another DV recorder.

Long-time recording
When the GY-DV300U is connected to a JVC BR-DV600UA DV recorder via IEEE 1394, the BR-DV600UA will start recording 5 minutes before the tape ends in the GY-DV300U. This lets you continue shooting without interruption for extended periods.

Long-time battery recording
With low-power consumption design and the BN-V428 high capacity battery, this camcorder can be operated for up to 84 minutes (with VF ON). JVC will also offer battery options from Anton Bauer for even longer running time.

Other features
  • Zebra pattern (4-step)
  • Built-in SMPTE color bars
  • Variable scan shutter
  • Date recording (12 or 24-hour system)
  • XLR microphone connector x 2
  • 1/32 ND filter
  • Fade function

Realtime MPEG4 streaming capability ideal for live webcasts

Just attach the KA-300U adapter to the GY-DV300U, install the PCMCIA card, and you're ready to connect the GY-DV300U to an Internet-connected personal computer (wired or wireless LAN). As the GY-DV300U captures images, it automatically generates MPEG4 files that can be sent to the Internet in real time. Viewers can see those streams in real time simply by accessing the specified IP address on their PC. Ideal for any type of live event -- weddings, concerts, and even news reports --, the GY-DV300U sends your images around the world instantly. Economical and easy to set up, the GY-DV300U makes it easy for students to attend lectures via the Internet.

Streaming software ("StreamProducer") is provided with the KA-DV300U, allowing you to connect up to four GY-DV300Us to a single PC and switch them as required before streaming.

Basic Streaming System
With the KA-DV300U adapter connected to the GY-DV300U and a PCMCIA card in the adapter, the GY-DV300U can connect to a PC via a wired/wireless LAN. Installing the "StreamProducer" streaming software on the PC allows up to four GY-DV300Us to be connected and switched on the PC. Create a publishing point for distribution. Images and sound captured with the GY-DV300Us can be streamed as MPEG4 files via the PCMCIA card to the PC. The MPEG4 files are then processed by StreamProducer and made available for viewing on the Internet. When people access the publishing point IP address, they can play back the MPEG4 files with the Media Player on their PC. Streams at up to 15 fps (352 x 288) are assured.

Upgraded Streamproducer 2.0 software now included!

Improvements to Streamproducer now include:
  • 2 second delay -- by eliminating buffering, we have reduced the delay to the minimum possible.
  • Single-step installation -- all required CODECs and plug-ins are installed at the same time.
  • Improved video quality
  • Improved reliability -- Streamproducer 2.0 can automatically recover if the connection to the camera is interrupted.
  • Improved usability -- Buttons toggle, alleviating the need to 'stop' between functions. Variable number of windows reduces screen clutter.
  • Improved Streamcapture interface for use when connecting to the camera using Internet Explorer.
Registered GY-DV300U/KA-DV300U users (U.S. only) may obtain the upgraded software free of charge by contacting Mr. Sam Agin at JVC Professional Professional Products (USA) 1-800-526-5308 Ext. 5128.

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