MSRP: $1,025.00
JVC's TM-H1750CG redefines the high-specification monitor for broadcasting studios and editing/special effects suites. Technically, it's uncompromising. Featuring a full-square CRT and a trio-dot pitch of 0.27 mm, the NTSC/PAL compatible TM-H1750CG delivers 750 lines of horizontal resolution and sharp, accurately rendered pictures. Yet, despite its big 17-inch (16-inch viewable) screen, it comes in an ultra compact cabinet that takes up little space. Intuitive on-screen menu programming means settings ranging from aspect-ratio to Blue Check can be changed in seconds. The TM-H1750CG also has all the input and output terminals needed for today's professional applications, and it features a slot port for optional component or SDI cards. It's a lot of performance from a small package?and one that comes at a price that might surprise you, and keep your accountant happy.

High-Resolution, 17-inch Color Monitor
The TM-H1750CG applies high-resolution CRT with precision in-line guns, and a trio-dot pitch of 0.27 mm, to deliver 750 lines of horizontal resolution along with exceptional color fidelity and stability. So, now users can spend longer in front of the monitor in comfort, handling demanding professional applications ranging from editing to creating complex effects.

Selectable Aspect Ratio
Users can select between the standard aspect ratio of 4:3 or the increasingly popular wide-screen 16:9 ratio, simply by calling up the one-touch, On-Screen Menu.

Slot Port for Optional Component/SDI Card
The flexibility of the cost-efficient TM-H1750CG is enhanced by a Slot Port that accepts optional SDI or Component Input Cards for special applications.

Full Range of Input Terminals
JVC's TM-H1750CG features all of the input terminals needed for professional applications today?Y/C inputs (4-pin DIN) with bridged output and two composite inputs (2-channel BNC) with bridge outputs.

Menu-Driven On-Screen Parameter-Setting
Elegant and simple, the TM-H1750CG?s on-screen menu guides you through parameter adjustments to customize the monitor for user preferences and applications. Resetting to the default settings is a quick one-touch operation. Adjustable parameters include: Under Scan, Aspect Ratio, Color Temperature, and Blue Check, Contrast, Brightness, Chroma, and Phase.

Big Screen, Small Cabinet Design
JVC's designers have achieved an elegant cabinet design that is exceptionally compact for a video monitor of its size. And, by arranging all of the controls on the front of the cabinet, TM-H1750CG monitors can be installed in a 9U-high rack.

Multi-Format and Global Compatibility
The TM-H1750CG is a truly international monitor. Not only does it display both NTSC and PAL signals, with auto select and manual switching options, it can also be connected to either 120V AC or 230V AC power supply sources. These features along with small cabinet and light weight make the TM-H1750CG ideal for overseas field assignments.

Wired Remote Control Capability
The TM-H1750CG comes with a thoughtfully designed remote control connector (D-sub 15-pin), for selecting most of the main functions.