High-Resolution, Large-Screen, Multi-Purpose, Utility Monitor that's Ideal for Multiplexer Applications

JVC has designed the perfect multi-purpose, utility monitor with its TM-H1700G. Packaged in an ultra-compact, rack-mountable cabinet, the TM-H1700G delivers 750 lines of horizontal resolution on a 17-inch (16-inch viewable) display. Switch over from an aspect ratio of 4:3 to wide-screen 16:9 and it's ideal for a six-picture splitter arrangement. Its Underscan function supports multiplexer applications, and it has a multi-function remote capability for off-site operation. Naturally the TM-H1700G comes with all of the high-end features users have come to expect with the economical monitors, such as on-screen menu-driven parameter setting, NTSC/PAL compatibility, universal power supply, and rugged reliability. All of this from a 17-inch monitor that takes up the same vertical installation space as most of conventional 14-inch monitors.

17-inch High-Resolution CRT
The TM-H1700G features a P-22 phosphor 17-inch Full-Square CRT (16-inch viewable) with in-line guns and a trio-dot pitch of 0.27 mm. For the user, that translates into 750 lines of horizontal resolution and a selectable color temperature (6,500K/9,300K) for crisp pictures with outstanding color fidelity.

Selectable Aspect Ratio: 16:9/4:3
Users can switch over between a standard aspect ratio of 4:3 and a wide-screen ratio of 16:9 with a simple On-screen Menu operation. The wide aspect ratio is especially useful for surveillance applications when using CCTV equipment such as a six-picture splitter.

Underscan for Multiplex Operation
When connected to a multiplexer for surveillance applications, the Underscan function of JVC's TM-H1700G eliminates loss and distortion from multi-screen pictures.

Wired Remote Control Capability
The TM-H1700G is provided with remote control D-sub 15-pin connector, which allows the user to select and change Aspect Ratio (16:9/4:3), Input, and Underscan.

On-Screen Menu for Adjusting Monitor Parameters
Changing monitor parameters couldn't be easier with the TM-H1700G's on-screen menu. Featuring a user- friendly graphic interface, it guides a user wanting to customize the monitor for individual preferences and applications. Resetting to the default settings is a quick one-touch operation. Adjustable parameters include: Aspect Ratio, Color Temperature, and Video System. Contrast, Brightness, Chroma, and Phase can be adjusted via ergonomically arranged push-buttons on the front panel.

Big Screen, Small Cabinet Design
The TM-H1700G benefits from JVC's focus on minimizing cabinet size. The result is that the TM-H1700G is the same height as most of conventional 14-inch models and is little wider. Ruggedly built, the monitor can be mounted in a 9U-high rack using an optional EIA rack mount adapter (RK-C1700E).

Multi-Standard Compatibility
The TM-H1700G accepts both NTSC and PAL signals. Its auto-detect function identifies the signal being input and switches mode automatically. To further enhance flexibility the monitor can be connected to either 120V AC or 230V AC power supply sources.

Comprehensive Input Terminals
JVC's full-featured TM-H1700G comes with Y/C input terminal (4-pin DIN) with bridged output for S-VHS signals, as well as two composite input terminals (2-channel BNC), each also with a bridged output.