MSRP: $5,995.00
The SR-VDA300US is a unique recorder that accepts the native ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface) data stream directly from any high definition MPEG-2 encoder conforming to ASI standards and required data rates. The SR-VDA300US is unique to the marketplace for two reasons. First, it has an ASI interface, which allows direct recording of the native HD MPEG2 transport stream. Second, it has the ability to create original recordings in password protected Pro-HD D-VHS mode, allowing secure transport and playback for content creators.

The SR-VDA300 will produce high definition recordings that are nearly indistinguishable from the original digital content--even program material originally recorded on the most expensive systems available. Best of all, the SR-VDA300 uses widely-available, inexpensive oxide D-VHS tape cassettes. With low cost players and inexpensive media, producers can distribute the full quality of HD to a wider audience than ever before.

Pro-HD Encryption and Password Protection
Given the ability to economically distribute the full quality of digital HD, security is naturally a concern for many producers. The SR-VDA300 provides flexible options for securing program content so that only authorized persons will be able to view the recordings. First, the SR-VDA300 is factory preset to record encrypted HD recordings that can be viewed only on JVC's SR-VD400US professional player, not on consumer D-VHS machines. This is the simplest security method since there are no passwords to remember or bother with. If password protection is desired, the SR-VDA300 adds a second layer of security letting the user apply a 5 digit password when recordings are made. The tape can then be played back only when the correct password is entered via the player's remote control. Finally, a third mode of security can be achieved when the players have been assigned specific access codes. (A JVC representative can arrange to have this done.) With this feature, tapes made with the SR-VDA300 can only be played back on players with the assigned code. Entire facilities can now distribute programming that can only be played back in their facility. Because content security is a top priority for JVC, we require that purchasers of the SR-VDA300US sign a Memorandum of Understanding prior to taking delivery of the SR-VDA300U.

Connecting the SR-VDA300 to your system.
To record high definition material with the SR-VDA300, an encoder such as JVC's DM-JV600 is required. Industry standard standalone encoders such as the Tiernan THE15A and Tandberg may also be used. A software based encoding solution called MPEG Power Professional is available from Heuris, Inc.