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JVCs advanced HDTV monitors offer extensive multi-format compatibility and pristine high-resolution images on a natural flat-screen CRT, housed in a compact, stylish cabinet. Included in the superior level of performance is support for the new cinema and digital film format of 1080/24psF, which meets the growing requests from broadcasters and film professionals alike. With three slots available for plug-and-play input cards, instantaneous on-site upgrade is readily achieved, with possible input signals from HD-SDI, SDI, Component/RGB and video. Whether HD-SDI or standard SDI, there are cards to handle embedded audio, audio level meter and auto input functions. JVC sets you up today, to satisfy your needs of tomorrow.

HDTV/SDTV Format Compatibility
These monitors are compatible with all major DTV formats (480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 1080i, and 720p), and also accept signals in 1080/24psF cinema mode, making them ideal for TV producers, broadcasters, and video professionals processing movie stock captured at 24 frames-per-second. Offering support of 720/50p and 576/50p, they can be readily integrated into PAL based environments.

Big-Screen Display in Rugged, Compact Cabinet
JVC's stylish DT-V1910CG comes in a tough metal cabinet. The monitor features a 16:9 aspect 19" display, with an effective viewing area which is 40% larger than a conventional 17" monitor. Likewise, the DT-V1710CG offers a 16:9 aspect 17? display while maintaining the same dimensions as a conventional 15? monitor.

Natural Flat-Screen CRT
These high-performance monitors deliver high resolution – 900 TV lines of horizontal resolution for DT-V1910CG and 800 TV lines of horizontal resolution for DT-V1710CG – on a Natural Flat-screen CRT (Aperture Grille and 3 Electron Guns) with both high contrast and high brightness. That translates into accurately rendered high-definition images which reveal the smallest detail with astonishing clarity. In turn, this also means reduced eyestrain when viewing the display closely for long periods, such as when performing specialist editing tasks.

High-Voltage Separation Circuit
To achieve professional-level image stability on screen, the monitor employs a high-voltage/deflection separation circuit.

White Balance Stability
The natural flat-screen CRT employs an IK feedback system which provides exceptional color stability over a very long period of time.

Front Panel Controls featuring Advanced Ergonomics
The front panel controls are ergonomically designed and rotate smoothly. They allow fast and simple adjustment of key image parameters such as Brightness, Phase, Chroma and Contrast.

Extended Multi-Standard Compatibility with Optional Input Cards (Plug & Play)
Besides the signals of all major digital formats, these monitors will automatically detect and accept an incoming NTSC or PAL signal. Users can customize the monitor by inserting optional input cards into the 3 input slots provided. There are 9 input cards available which together cover virtually every possible input combination including HD-SDI, SDI, Component/RGB and Video (see chart below). Each card is automatically recognized when inserted into an input slot.
Click here for matrix of optional input cards.

Wide Selection of Control Functions
Underscan, Aspect Ratio, Color Off, Switchable Area Marker are just some of the control functions which lend this DTV monitor for use in professional TV production.

UL and CE Regulatory Approval
Approved under UL (USA) and CE (Europe) regulatory standards.

Rush-Current Delay
Once activated, JVC's special Rush-Current Delay function reduces the load on the studio mains power supply when a number of units are powered up simultaneously. The operator can set delay times for individual monitors in a range from 0 to 3 seconds.

Variable Aspect Ratio and Area & Safety Markings
In addition to offering 16:9 and 4:3 image display selectability, there is also a choice of Area Markings when in 16:9 mode, selectable between 14:9, 13:9, 4:3 or none, with switchable line/black/mat (half) modes for each. The Safety Marker function displays 80%, 88% or 90% of the area (in either 16:9 or 4:3).

Remote Control Capabilities
Remote control is possible via RS-485 (9-pin D-sub), MAKE (contact closure) or TRIGGER (15-pin D-sub). With the RS-485 interface, cascaded connection (0 through 99) and daisy chain connection are possible. Controllability covers Input Selection A to F, Tally Lamp, Color Off, Area Marker, Aspect Ratio, Underscan and Status Display. This allows the monitor to be controlled by a PC via serial communication.

Selectable (Green/Red) Color of Tally Lamp
The color, which is displayed when the tally lamp is on, can be set to either red or green.

HD/SD Compatible Interface
By installing the optional IF-C61HSDG input card, these monitors will offer Embedded Audio compatibility for reception of 8 digital audio channels, and HD/SD input compatibility to link with either type of source material.

AES/EBU Digital Audio Output
The optional IF-C61HSDG input card supports decombined output of embedded audio (8ch), with 4 sets of 2ch outputs respectively. Also equipped are 2 sets (L/R) of analog output (RCA) terminals.

Audio Level Indication on Screen
The optional IF-C61HSDG input card also enables display of an on-screen audio level meter indication. (IF-C51HSDG and IF-C51SDG offer HD level meter and SD level meter display respectively.)

Power Cord Holder for Preventing Accidental Disconnection
The provided Power Cord Holder prevents accidental disconnection of the AC power cord from the AC inlet.

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