Direct Connection with Analog Camera to Digital Network
Equipped with one BNC video connector for connection of an analog video camera and another loop-through video output for connection to an analog monitor, the VN-A1U(A) can be connected directly to an Ethernet network and deliver live video images. It's not only the simplest way to convert your existing CCTV surveillance system into a flexible computer-controlled remote monitoring system, it also allows you to use analog cameras and V.NETWORKS digital cameras in the same system.

Multi-Casting Capability
With the VN-A1U(A), camera monitoring is never restricted to a dedicated system or monitor. Multi-casting capability allows this versatile video server to deliver the same high-quality images to any and all computers on your network. There's virtually no frame rate degradation when the VN-A1U(A) is accessed by multiple clients and network traffic management is easy and efficient.

Built-in Web Server
The VN-A1U(A) features a built-in web server that allows you to connect your surveillance system directly to the Internet without having to route it through a dedicated web server. This allows you to deliver high-quality, real-time images to any Internet?connected computer in the world, giving you unlimited flexibility. Images can be monitored through a standard web browser and various camera functions can all be controlled.

Pre/Post Alarm Recording
Built-in alarm in/out terminals allow you to connect an infrared sensor or door alarm to automatically trigger alarm recording, while a 2MB memory is available for pre/post alarm image storage. And when you use a removable Compact Flash memory card (up to 512MB), you can store multiple pre/post alarm images.

Motion Detection Function
Add an extra layer of security to your system with this convenient function. The Motion Detection function automatically indicates if any movement occurs in a specified area of the screen. You can specify the detection area and select the sensitivity level. The minimum area size is 8 x 8 pixels.

Exclusive Camera Controller/ Viewer Software
The VN-A1U(A) comes with exclusive browser software that not only allows you to view camera images on a PC, but also lets you adjust various camera settings and picture quality. The latest updates can be downloaded from JVC's website.

External Device Control via RS-422/RS-232C
The VN-A1U(A) is equipped with a switchable RS-422/RS-232C port and an exclusive RS-422 port to control external devices. Using VN-SE400U external device control package in combination with VN-S400U and VN-SV400U browser software, this convenient capability makes it possible for you to control operations and settings on JVC analog cameras, all through a single window on your PC screen.

Other features

  • 10Base-T/100Base-TX interface
  • FTP client function
  • User-created web page storage (FTP server function)
  • NAT/IP masquerade
  • Selectable power source--AC 24V or DC 12V
  • 1-U rack mounting