MSRP: $285.00
Where Cat 5 or Unshielded Twisted Pair cable is utilized, installation costs of the TK-C720TPU will be low. Either the building will already have Cat 5 cabling or inexpensive new cable can be used. Installation is simple. According to the make and model of TP Receiver, cable runs of up to 2,952ft.(900m) are achievable. Twisted-pair transmission systems will integrate seamlessly with existing coaxial video installations.

An important factor in JVC's proven track record for high picture quality is the use of coaxial cable for transmission of the video signal. JVC's advanced imaging technology and know-how make it now possible to achieve the same level of signal quality using simple, unshielded Cat 5 twisted-pair cable or standard conventional telephone cable.

The twisted-pair cable must always be of the unshielded type. The TK-C720TPU is able to satisfy existing users of twisted-pair cable with excellent picture quality and high reliability, based on JVC's advanced imaging technologies and know-how.

* The TK-C720TPU will operate with various receivers on the market, the specifications of which can vary. Already specially tested and approved are the receivers made by NVT and NITEK (see chart.)