Three D-ILA chips for smooth, flicker-free high-resolution images
The DLA-HX1 projector is equipped with three reflective 1.1-megapixel WXGA-PLUS 16:9 (1400 x 788) D-ILA chips that produce the highest native resolution in its class. But high resolution is only part of the story. JVC's original 3-chip D-ILA (Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier) technology produces rich, natural colors without the annoying flicker or "rainbow effect" that plagues single panel projectors. Images are as smooth as film, boasting incredible detail and vibrant, breathtakingly natural colors.
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Cinema-quality picture with no visible grid
Unlike transmissive liquid crystal technologies, there is no visible grid or "screen door effect" with JVC's D-ILA. Since the gaps between pixels are not noticeable, the picture is extremely smooth. You can enjoy the benefits of both film-like resolution and accurate reproduction of natural colors.

Superior Color Reproduction
JVC's unique optical engine produces rich, natural colors with smooth gradations and low noise. Color temperature is set at 6500K providing optimal cinema reproduction. JVC's exclusive AG technology produces highly accurate gradations particularly in darker areas of less than 20% brightness. The result is vibrant color gradation with low noise, even in the darkest areas of the picture.

True black reproduction
One important characteristic of D-ILA devices is that the crystals are aligned vertically. This means that when there is no voltage applied, the pixels are "normally black". Most liquid crystal devices are "normally white" (turning black when a voltage is applied). In contrast, D-ILA technology can reproduce blacks that are truly black. It also offers a uniform response, irrespective of brightness, so it can display a wide range of intermediate tones, something that is not usually possible with conventional LCDs.

JVC Original D.I.S.T. (Digital Image Scaling Technology)
JVC's exclusive D.I.S.T. technology consists of IP conversion, pixel density conversion and enhancer technology. Together these ensure full correspondence with most DTV format signals, including high-resolution HDTV and DVD, as well as with conventional NTSC/PAL/SECAM signals. Input signals are displayed without flicker or smear. Even on a large screen, the images look silky smooth with enhanced depth and presence, while small details are reproduced clearly.

DVI-D Plug and Play (HDCP)
This convenient feature enables digital-to-digital input and ensures high-quality image reproduction without degradation.

720p, 1080i, 1080/24~30sF, HDTV format compatibility
To ensure compatibility with DTV signals, the DLA-HX1 accepts analog signals including 720p, 1080i, 1080/24sF ~ 30sF and HDTV formats.