MSRP: $3,495.00
JVC's GM-V42UG plasma monitor incorporates a number of technologies to deliver exceptionally bright images with superb contrast and color in various environments. The outstanding video signal processing, brightness and contrast ratio of the GM-V42UG bring perfect images to well lit areas like tradeshows, conference halls and schools, as well as totally dark auditoriums.

3000:1 Contrast Ratio
enables crisp, clearly visible images to be displayed especially in dark rooms. This far surpasses regular PDPs which commonly have a contrast ratio of around 1500:1. Contrast ratio is the measurement of the differ-ence in light intensity between the brightest white and darkest black. Naturally, the higher the ratio, the better the contrast and visibility of the image.

Super-bright 1000 cd/m2 panel
Brightness has been improved with a new 1000 cd/m2 panel and a Frame Rate Converter that helps improve brightness when displaying PC signals with a frequency of over 60Hz.

Advanced Gamma Correction
JVC's superior gamma processing enables image reproduction with natural contrast at any luminance level. Unlike a CRT display, a PDP has linear emission characteristics and thus requires gamma correction. However, standard gamma correction tends to adversely affect tonal gradations in the darker portions of the picture. To avoid this, JVC's original Gamma Correction applies the optimum data for each signal level, from the darkest regions through to the brightest. This means that it is able to preserve tonal subtleties in the dark areas without increasing noise. Moreover, it can enhance the brightness (dynamism) of mid tones without affecting gradations in the highlights. Such compensation recreates natural contrast to add more depth and dimension to the image.
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A combination of newly developed Phosphor and Front Filter that works to reduce emission of unnecessary light generated by plasma discharge provides natural and stunning color reproduction.

S-VGA/XGA Compatibility
The GM-V42UG features an 852 x 480-pixel native resolution panel that enables PC display with S-VGA and XGA compatibility. The panel is designed to accurately display a wide range of PC signal formats, as shown in the chart below.

Fanless Cooling for Quiet Operation, Energy Savings, and Reliability
Due to reduced power consumption, a cooling fan is not required. This fanless design reduces noise and ensures quiet operation, nearly eliminates dust suction by the panel for longer panel life, plus it helps save electricity.

Timer On/Off Helps Eliminate Phosphor Burn-in
The built-in timer automatically turns the refresh and color reverse function on or off for seamless operation. What's more, turning the panel off when not in use helps eliminate phosphor burn-in.

Integrated 2W x 2 Speakers
This plasma display panel is equipped with stereo speakers delivering a total of 4W (2W x 2) audio output. There are also external speaker output terminals to enable further upgraded audio performance with an optional speaker system.

Layout Freedom
The slim design of the plasma display panel and its wide viewing angle of 160 degrees allow the user to position the panel however desired in any given space. Abundant optional accessories are available to help position the panel in a variety of ways; self standing, wall mounted, hung from the ceiling, or even vertically oriented.

Removable Front Bezel for Customization
The bezel is detachable for those considering a replacement or customized panel installation. Additional bezels can be purchased from JVC parts and then painted or customized to match your design requirements.

1080i Viewing from JVC Hi-Def Camcorder
JVc is bringing "HD to the Masses" with affordable high definition camcorders and recorders. The GM-V42UG accepts input signals from JVC?s JY-HD10 and GR-HD1 high-definition digital video camcorders as well as all D-VHS recorders and players.

Additional features:

  • 16.77 million colors (256 levels)
  • IR remote output
  • Separate on/off keys assigned to the remote
  • Sampling Clock Adjustment for accurate A/D conversion