The compact sized KY-F560U camera incorporates three 1/2-inch progressive scan CCD chips offering 440,000 effective pixels and has wide screen capability. The KY-F560's high quality images are greatly enhanced by the 12-bit Digital Signal Processing (DSP). The KY-F560 produces 850 lines of horizontal resolution with a high sensitivity of F13 at 2,000 lux and will produce 100 percent video in a minimum illumination of F1.4 at 0.5 lux. The camera is fully compatible with all JVC KY-F32 series options including 1/2-inch bayonet lenses.

1/2" 3-CCD color accuracy (trichromatic prism)
The KY-F560 incorporates three 1/2? 410,000* (NTSC) and 470,000** (PAL) pixel CCDs, each equipped with advanced circuitry that virtually eliminates vertical smear when shooting bright lights against a dark background. Lag and image burn are also reduced to indiscernible levels. The result is clear, sharp image quality under a wide range of shooting conditions.
*380,000 effective **440,000 effective

F13, 2000 lx sensitivity
Even in extreme low light situations, this ultra-sensitive camera (F13 at 2000 lx) assures effortless shooting thanks to an on-chip lens system CCD and advanced video processing circuitry. This powerful feature increases creative flexibility and simplifies lighting requirements. In addition, the camera head has extra-high effective resolution of 850 TVL.

Newly developed 12-bit ADC and 24-bit DSP for dynamic range of more than 400% and near-perfect gamma correction
The KY-F560 is equipped with the most up-to-date 12-bit ADC on the market, allowing digital conversion of the entire dynamic range of each CCD with maximum precision and no distortion. This superior performance makes possible extra-high horizontal resolution of 850 TVL and S/N of 64dB (NTSC) and 62dB (PAL). Image quality is further enhanced by a super-fast 24-bit multi-stream parallel processing DSP that dramatically improves highlight handling and achieves near-perfect gamma correction. Together, these advanced processors enable the KY-F560 to closely approximate the color reproduction and shadow detail of a full studio camera.

Can be expanded to include 26-pin connector and SDI compatibility with optional boards and studio adapters
Thanks to its open architecture, this camera can be expanded to handle digital or analog studio applications with the KA-F5603 Studio Adapters with SDI output or the KA-F5602 Studio Adapters with analog video output via the RM-P210. An optional large viewfinder, intercom and remote control are available to complement either studio camera system. The KA-F5601 plug-in SDI camera interface can also be used for remote camera applications in conjunction with the remote pan & tilt system.

Remote camera control via SDI interface possible in conjunction with pan & tilt head and system controller
With the SDI interface installed in combination with the pan & tilt system, you'll be able to operate the pan & tilt head remotely as well as control various camera settings such as MD lens zoom & focus and white balance -- all without separate wiring to the camera and at distances of up to 100 m (Fujinon), 2000 ft. (ESI).

Control over various camera parameters
A wide range of camera parameters including white shading, knee, gamma, flare correction, master black/black balance and color matrix can be adjusted to suit shooting conditions and operator preferences by using the RM-LP55U or LP57U, remote control unit.

Full-time automatic operation
To ensure accurate color reproduction under variable lighting conditions, the KY-F560 features a Full-Time Auto White Balance system that automatically and continuously adjusts white balance over a wide range to ensure stable, accurate color reproduction. Changes in light level are also dealt with automatically by a high-performance ALC function that increases the gain when the light level is low, and a sophisticated EEI function that uses the variable electronic shutter to reduce sensitivity when the light level is high. This combination of Full-Time Auto White, ALC and EEI allows the KY-F560 to shoot continuously, making automatic corrections as required without the need for operator intervention.

RS-232C interface capability and JVC KY-F32 series compatibility
The KY-F560 comes with a built-in RS-232C interface that allows you to control the camera with a PC. As the RS-232C protocol is compatible with the KY-F32 camera, you can replace the KY-F32 with the KY-F560 if required.
Other features:
  • 1/2" bayonet lens mount
  • Composite output & Gen-Lock input
  • Squeezed
  • 16:9 mode LoLux mode (0.7 lx at F1.4)