Native 1920 x 1080 D-ILA Chips

Thanks to the newly developed HD D-ILA devices, the native resolution of the DLA-HD2K is 1920 x 1080, the highest widescreen resolution available today for home theater projector applications*. This makes the system suitable not only for high-end home theater use but also for critical viewing venues such as museums and post-production screening rooms. *As of February 2004.

D-ILA: The Most Advanced LCOS Technology Available
JVC pioneered the use of LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology and is the world's leading supplier of LCOS projectors. JVC's patented D-ILA chips are the most highly refined form of LCOS, offering unique performance characteristics not found elsewhere. The DLA-HD2K also boasts optimum color illumination and a newly developed projection lens for its optical system that is explained below. This combination of advanced technologies allows the DLA-HD2K to realize a high contrast ratio of 2000:1 and breathtaking color reproduction.

  • Optimum Color Illumination helps to correct biased light dispersion of the ultra high-pressure NSH lamp by using illumination optics that optimize the f-number for each primary color. This exclusive JVC process ensures accurate contrast of individual colors and a D65 color temperature that provides vivid, natural-looking color reproduction.
  • Newly Developed Projection Lens employs a 4-group, 13-layer 100% glass lens with an aluminum tube and anti-flare finish. This high-quality construction embodies JVC's no-compromise approach to answering the performance potential of HD-compatibility. The optimized lens aperture is also carefully calibrated to match the zoom position.

Cost-effective NSH Lamp
The DLA-HD2K uses a 250W ultra high-pressure mercury NSH lamp that helps to ensure lower running costs. And in most applications, the lamp can be easily changed by the homeowner without removing the projector from its mounts.

Exclusive Digital Video Module
The DLA-HD2K is equipped with a digital video electronics unit co-developed with Faroudja, a company renowned worldwide for creating powerful processing technologies. This exclusive JVC digital video module can be connected to various sources including 480p, 576i and 720p SD signals as well as 1080i HD signals. Faroudja's color matrixing provides accurate color profiles for NTSC and HDTV, allowing the module to convert standard analog and digital DVI video signals to a high-resolution digital video signal that can be transmitted via the DVI-D connector to the projector. This module also allows for detailed video adjustment to suit viewer preferences and user setup between it and the projector can be profiled. Furthermore, the processor features motion adaptive de-interlacing with DCDi and 3-2 pull-down technology to ensure error-free progressive signals.

Convenient, Space-saving 2-piece Design
Unlike bulky one-piece units, the projector head of the DLA-HD2K is only (11-23/32" x 5-9/32" x 14-3/16"/298 x 134 x 360mm) and weighs a mere 13 lbs. This smaller size allows for less conspicuous and more flexible installation as well as easier ceiling mounting. The projector head is connected to a standard rack-mountable electronics unit by a single zero-loss digital cable (DVI-D) transmitting the 1080/60P signal. The projector head and electronics unit can be separated by up to 160 feet ? an ideal configuration that keeps the cabling to other electronic components to an absolute minimum while preserving full digital quality at the projector head.

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