RS-232C Terminal & MAKE Remote for Professional Applications
Connect to a PC directly through the RS-232C terminal, and command selection can be done from a PC. Moreover, the GM-X50 features a MAKE Remote function that allows monitor power on/off operation and input selection from an external control unit*. To do this, simply connect the control unit to the MAKE Terminal (mini DIN, 4-pin) on the rear panel. A wired remote control unit can be connected via the WIRED Terminal (stereo mini jack) located below the MAKE Remote terminal.
*Not available from JVC. Consult dealer for 3rd party availability

Bright Picture of 400cd/m²
Brightness specifications on the GM-X50 are 400cd/m² as a set and 1000cd/m² for the basic panel, without the optical filter in place.

Digital Enhancer Sharpens Contours
The GM-X50 is equipped with JVC's original digital enhancer circuit that adds edges to the image by adjusting the sharpness control, thereby creating a sharp, detailed image without emphasizing noise or roughness.

Original Gamma Control
JVC's original gamma control enables image reproduction with natural con-trast at any luminance level. Unlike a CRT display, a PDP has linear emis-sion characteristics and thus requires gamma correction. However, standard gamma correction tends to adversely affect tonal gradations in the darker portions of the picture. To avoid this, JVC's original Gamma Correction applies the optimum data for each signal level, from the darkest regions through to the brightest. This means that it is able to preserve tonal sub-tleties in the dark areas without increasing noise. Moreover, it can enhance the brightness (dynamism) of mid tones without affecting gradations in the highlights. Such compensation recreates natural contrast to add more depth and dimension to the image.

Removable Front Bezel for Customization
The entire front bezel (frame) of the GM-X50 is easily detachable, thus allowing it to be professionally resprayed in a custom color.

Self-diagnostic Indicator
The self-diagnostic indicator will light up or flash in the event of a malfunction. There are three indicators inside the remote sensor for conditions such as dusty intakes on the rear, and dual indication (indicator and on-screen warning) to alert you to more serious conditions such as internal heat build-up caused by incorrect installation. The indicators are there to help provide a safe operating environment and prolong the life of the display.

W-XGA Panel with UXGA Compatibility
The GM-X50 features a W-XGA panel with a native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, which readily adapts to give UXGA compatibility, for stunning display of UXGA resolution images from a PC. In fact, the GM-X50 has been designed to give accurate display of all the display formats, as shown in the chart below.

Integrated 2W x 2 Speakers
This plasma display panel is equipped with stereo speakers delivering a total of 4W (2W x 2) audio output. There are also external speaker output terminals to enable further upgraded audio performance with an optional speaker system.

Timer On/Off Helps Eliminate Phosphor Burn-in
The built-in timer automatically turns the panel on or off for seamless operation. What's more, turning the panel off when not in use helps eliminate phosphor burn-in.

The slim design of the GM-X50 and its wide viewing angle allow the user to position the panel however desired in any given space. Abundant optional accessories are available to help position the panel in desired ways including vertical orientation*.
*Optional cooling fan required for vertical setting.

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