MSRP: $4,995.00
When Security is critical, you can't afford to invest in anything but the very best video surveillance equipment. Today that means a sophisticated digital video recorder like the VR-616 from JVC. Designed especially for sensitive industrial and commercial surveillance systems, the VR-616 offers high-resolution digital recording that's ideal for factories, office buildings, medical centers, airports, highways, banks -- anywhere, in fact, where high-quality images are required. User-friendly features such as jog/shuttle search and PC-based GUI operation are supported by a host of critical security functions like alarm-linked e-mail alerts and multi-screen real-time displays. Now you'll have the perspective you need to see exactly what's happening when it's happening. Plus, with superb digital picture quality, you'll find it much easier to analyze and review any incident or accident. PC-based remote monitoring and control capability gives you much greater flexibility and a full complement of back up and specialized functions, together with search features, to ensure reliability and maximize your security.

Convenient manual search with Jog & Shuttle
Video clips can be reviewed one frame at a time in the Play mode with the Jog control or at high speed with the Shuttle control. The Jog dial is also used for item selection in menu setting.

Mail notification
You can set up your system to automatically send e-mail alerts to youself and any other specified users whenever an event occurs.

Various search functions
A variety of search parameters such as date, time, camera and ALARM can be recorded, giving you maximum flexibility when recordings are reviewed. You can even search while recording is in progress.

Image sequence function
Recorded images are displayed 1 field at a time, ensuring that you'll be able to locate and analyze content to find the exact recorded image you need to see.

PC viewing software included
Versatile, easy-to-use PC software is provided to enable remote monitoring and operation of both the digital video recorder and cameras.

Built-in 240GB Hard Disk
With a built-in 240GB hard disk drive, these recorders are ready to handle even the most extensive and demanding surveillance requirements. But if you need even more recording space, an additional expansion bay is provided so you can add another hard disk if necessary.

IR remote control unit
An infrared remote control unit is provided for operation of both the digital video recorders and cameras. Settings such as brightness can be specified for each input channel.
Wavelet compression
Advanced wavelet compression protocols minimize loss of video quality while offering a higher compression rate (1/4 of JPEG video rate) for more efficient use of disk space. As a result, high-resolution (720x240) digital recording and playback is possible with less noticeable block noise.

High-resolution recording of 60 ips (NTSC)/50 ips (PAL)
With 60/50 ips recording you get twice as much information as you would from 30/25 ips machines.

Digital audio recording and playback
Digital audio compression enables you to record channel 1 audio signals for extended periods when cameras equipped with microphones are used.

Spot monitor output
In addition to the standard monitor output, a spot monitor output is provided to output the image from a selected camera.
16-ch real-time monitoring with multi-screen display
For a more complete view of any given situation, the monitor screen can be divided into multiple windows. Five different variations are possible and live images can be displayed simultaneously with the PIP playback window.

Covert channel function
Ideal for critically sensitive applications, the covert channel function allows selection of channels as covert, allowing only the system administrator to monitor or play back video from those cameras.

Triplex working enables live, recording and playback all at the same time
The VR-616 can record up to 16 asynchronous video signals. Recording, live monitoring and playback can be performed simultaneously. Images stored on any channel can be played back during recording and monitoring.

Pre/post-alarm and alarm recording function
In addition to the post-alarm start of recording when an alarm is detected, a pre-alarm function is also provided to start recording before the alarm signal is received.
Remote surveillance via network (built-in web server/bundled software)
Built-in network compatibility means that cameras can be operated remotely and surveillance images can be viewed from any location via a web browser -- either over a dedicated network connection or via the Internet.

JVC's Pan/tilt/zoom dome camera control
No special equipment is required to control the PTZ Dome camera. It supports RS-485 protocols and is assigned an ID for parallel connection. A user-friendly GUI interface makes it easy to install and the Jog Shuttle can be used for control.

Variety of interfaces
Standard interfaces include an Ethernet connector for LAN and Internet hookup, IEEE 1394 for transfer of moving pictures, and USB for still image capture. In addition, an RS-485 connector is provided for camera control and a VGA OUT for image display on a computer monitor or large-screen PDP or LCD display. As a basic function, 2 BNC connectors are available for main and spot monitoring.
Automatic check and recovery function
Designed for continuous, fault-free operation, these recorders feature built-in, self-monitoring functions that keep track of the status of all system components, automatically restarting and recovering the system if a failure occurs.

Various image backup functions
Massive amounts of video can be stored in a separate, removable HDD or recorded on a compatible CD-RW via IEEE 1394 connector.

Linux-based system with auto diagnostic function
The combination of rugged, highly durable hardware and a stable Linux-based operating system makes this system extremely reliable. An auto diagnostic function provides immediate warnings and troubleshooting advice to enable repairs to be performed quickly and effectively in the event of a system failure.
  • Multiple languages (English/French/Spanish)
  • Motion detection (area/sensing speed
  • adjustable)
  • Digital zoom function
  • Timer-recording function