Three D-ILA chips for smooth, flicker-free high-resolution images
Three reflective1.1-megapixel WXGA-PLUS 16:9 (1400 x 788) D-ILA chips enable the DLA-HX2 to produce superior native resolution. JVC's original 3-chip D-ILA (Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier) technology produces rich, natural colors without the annoying flicker or "rainbow effect" that plagues single panel projectors. Images are as smooth as film, boasting incredible detail and vibrant, breathtakingly natural colors.

Cinema-quality picture with no visible grid
Unlike transmissive liquid crystal technologies, there is no visible grid or "screen door effect" with JVC's D-ILA. You can enjoy the benefits of both film-like resolution and accurate reproduction of natural colors.

Natural color reproduction
JVC's unique optical engine produces rich, natural colors with smooth gradations and low noise. With color temperature set to the D65 standard, source media can be faithfully reproduced with the same gradations as the original. As a result, all color gradations are natural and consistent, ensuring optimal cinema reproduction.

Analog gradation technology
JVC's exclusive AG (Analog Gradation) technology produces highly accurate gradations with low noise, particularly in darker areas of less than 20% brightness.

High contrast ratio of 1500:1
High contrast of 1500:1 for excellent gray-scale reproduction enables reproduction of high-precision, high-quality pictures without black paint even when the scene on screen is dark.

True black reproduction
As the D-ILA's liquid crystals are aligned vertically, the pixels are "normally black" when no voltage is applied. As a result, D-ILA technology reproduces blacks that are truly black. It also offers a uniform response, irrespective of brightness, displaying a wide range of intermediate tones.

4-color profile mode
The DLA-HX2 is equipped with a 4-color profile mode to ensure color reproduction with greater fidelity to the original. In addition, it supports a wider variety of colors, enabling it to render image colors that closely match the original source.

Full color image on the screen
Lower-cost, single-chip models rapidly project the picture one color at a time and rely on the viewer's eye to blend alternating flashes of red, green and blue images into desired colors. 3-chip projectors, on the other hand, simultaneously produce images on separate RGB panels inside the projector and then combine the light beams, projecting a full color image on the screen.
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JVC's original D.I.S.T.(Digital Image Scaling Technology)
JVC's exclusive D.I.S.T. technology consists of IP conversion, pixel density conversion and enhancer technology. D.I.S.T. fully exploits the advantages of progressive scanning by converting interlace signals to progressive signals. This increases image information relative to the number of pixels to provide smooth, high-definition images.

DVI-D plug and play (HDCP)
Enables digital-to-digital input for high-quality image reproduction without degradation.

480P, 720P, 1080i, 1080/24, 25 and 30PsF, HDTV format compatibility
In addition to DTV signals, analog signals including 480P, 720P, 1080i, 1080/24, 25 and 30PsF and HDTV formats can be accepted.

User-friendly design, Easy installation
Extremely compact and weighing a mere 13 lbs. (5.9 kg), the DLA-HX2 is easy to install and set up. An NSH (high-pressure mercury) lamp keeps running costs to a minimum and lasts for about 2000 hours of operation. The lamp and air filter can be easily accessed and replaced without removing the projector from the mount.

GUI on-screen display
A GUI on-screen menu lets you make quick adjustments to various settings. Two menu layers ensure simple, systematic setting operation.

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