JVC not only satisfies customers' current demands but also anticipates their future requirements by incorporating advanced camera technologies inside the TK-C920U(A) high resolution, color surveillance camera.

The camera performs brilliantly in all the key areas. 540 TVL resolution is delivered by the 1/3" Interline Transfer CCD. The quality of key image parameters are continually optimized by the intelligent Digital Signal Processor. At 0.48 lux in B&W mode, the Easy Day/Night Function allows the camera to achieve high performance even in low light situations.

Easy Day/Night Function
The TK-C920U(A) automatically uses color mode when the subject is bright, and B&W mode when it is dark. In B&W mode, AGC is always active to achieve high performance even in low light situations.

Built-in Revolutionary Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
JVC's innovative Digital Signal Processor automatically adjusts camera parameters to ensure that sharp and natural pictures of 540 TV lines horizontal resolution combine with high-quality performance.

1/3-inch High Resolution CCD with 380,000 Effective Pixels
JVC's TK-C920U(A) comes with a 1/3-inch Interline Transfer CCD for accurate color reproduction and signal-to-noise ratio of 50 dB.

Detail Correction — Horizontal and Vertical (2H)
The TK-C920U(A) provides dual-edged detail correction – horizontal and vertical with 2H line memory.

Super LoLux™ and Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
As the ambient light level falls the AGC seamlessly increases the camera's sensitivity. With Super LoLux™ turned on the AGC will further increase the camera's sensitivity to 0.7 lux at F1.2.

Manual or Automatic (ATW) White Balance
For flexibility of operation in a wide range of environments the white balance can be set manually or can be automatically adjusted in real time by the Automatic Tracking White Balance function over a range of 2,300°K to 10,000°K.