MSRP: $4,995.00
Bright Picture–bright enough for use in near daylight applications
With a highly efficient backlight, the GD-30L1G is one of the industry's brightness LCD panels – 450cd/m². It produces easy-to-see images with excellent contrast, even in a well lit room of 750lux. Luminosity is uniform throughout the panel, making the GD-30L1G suitable for a wide range of applications even in bright public spaces.

Made to Last in Tough Professional Use with Approx. 50,000h Backlighting
The panel's backlight is made to last approximately 50,000 hours*. This converts to about 5.7 years for 24/7 operation, or 8.6 years for 16h/day usage**. The GD-30L1G offers optimum performance in long-hour, long-term usage situations such as at factories or airports. And because it's an LCD, there's no worry about image burn-in.

Energy-saving Design with Low Power Consumption of Approx. 170W
Designed with energy-savings in mind, the GD-30L1G attains a low-power consumption of 170W. This means low-cost operation –especially important when multiple panels are used.

Wide Viewing Angle of 170° Horizontally and Vertically
Whether viewing from the side, above or below, pictures are high in contrast with virtually uniform colors.

DVI Terminal, PC inputs
Thanks to the built-in DVI terminal, the GD-30L1G is ready for digital signage and critical viewing applications. The DVI terminal accepts a standard digital (uncompressed) signal from a DVI equipped personal computer or other device, eliminating picture degradation associated with analog wiring and circuits. The GD-30L1G can also be connected to a PC via a conventional VGA connection.

Ideal for Digital Signage
Whether displaying text, graphics or video (or a combination), the GD-30L1G provides optimum performance in digital signage applications. Thanks to the fast-speed LCD panel, it can display moving images without ghosting or smearing. The panel can be used in horizontal or vertical orientation. Even small text and graphics with fine detail can be seen clearly, thanks to the panel's high resolution
Other applications:
  • HD Video editing system monitor
  • Video production studio monitor
  • Individual Learning/Viewing station in school or library

* Conditions of a backlight life: When brightness reaches 50% of the initial figure at continued usage in a room with temperature set at 25C. The duration may vary depending on the usage conditions and environments.
** Figure calculated from backlight life. This figure does not represent the number of years for which
malfunctions are guaranteed not to occur.