Three-in-One Digital Video Deck – Triple Benefits and Triple Convenience
Professional archiving and media duplication are now easier than ever thanks to the industry's first 3-in-1 video deck incorporating a MiniDV, DVD, and Hard Disk Recorder, all in one compact unit. The hard disk itself at 160 GB offers high storage capacity with long recording times. It also enables high speed duplication with high-quality picture and audio being assured by the digital-to-digital signal transfer.


DVCAM™ Playback Capability on MiniDV Deck
The SR-DVM70's MiniDV deck is capable of playing back DVCAM™ tapes shot on the small DVCAM™ cassette. Recordings can be dubbed to a DVD or the HDD, to preserve the high quality expected from digital video and professional DV sources.
DVCAM™ is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

Video Output Terminal with BNC Connector (Composite)
BNC connector assures reliable and secure connection to other professional equipment.

Auto Error Correction System
The MiniDV deck features a DV block noise canceller that reduces annoying block noise that may occur when playing back DV and DVCAM™ tapes.

Remote Control Code Input Terminal
The terminal for a remote control code input is located on the rear panel to enable remote control operation of this device by third party vendors in the future.

Synchronized Editing System with Direct Dubbing from HDD to DVD
Using the Synchronized Editing System function, video data that has already been edited on the hard disk of the SR-DVM70 can be transferred digitally to a disc in the DVD recorder, helping to preserve picture quality and ensuring that DVD playback will be seamless with no visible edit points. This is made possible by effective use of the intra-coded picture (I), predictive-coded picture (P), and bi-directionally predictive-coded picture (B) frame information within each Group of Pictures (GOP) during editing operations. The I and P frames contain the information that determines picture quality and by maintaining their position within the GOP, it is possible to minimize degradation when dubbing so there are no "freeze" pauses at edit points during DVD playback, resulting in a smooth and natural, high-quality DVD recording.

Last Function Memory and Mode Lock
The SR-DVM70's memory stores the last function performed and it always resumes operation from that point. This feature is particularly welcome for editing. A mode lock helps protect against unintentional erasure of recordings.

Excellent Digital Audio
All digital audio formats can be recorded: MiniDV in PCM 48kHz, 16-bit (2-ch) / 32kHz and 12-bit (4-ch), Digital Video Recorder, as well as HDD in Dolby Digital 2ch and Linear PCM (XP mode).

RS-232 Remote Control Interface
An RS-232C control interface equipped with a standard DB9 connector is available for controlling basic functions, making it useful for any home-theater or professional application.

Live Memory Playback Function
To increase overall efficiency and allow checking of material when recording a master video onto the hard disk drive, Live Memory Playback Function allows playback of recorded material from any desired point. This function can also be used while recording onto a DVD-RAM disc.

DVD Dubbing

Bit-rate Optimizer for HDD to DVD Recording
DVDs recorded at higher bit rates offer superior quality, but at the expense of recording time. Most DVD recorders allow you to extend the recording time by reducing the bit rate, thus reducing the video quality. JVC's SR-DVM70US solves this problem with its dual-pass bit-rate optimizer. This system analyzes the content as it is recorded on the HDD and then assigns optimum bit rates – low for simple scenes, high for complicated scenes – to ensure optimum picture quality while calculating disc capacity.

Super MPEG-2 Encode Pre-processor
When recording from analog sources, noise reduction is applied before encoding to allow the MPEG-2 processor to operate more efficiently.

Super MPEG-2 Encode Post-processor
Several noise reduction circuits work together during playback to provide the cleanest possible signal. Color DigiPure reduces 3D color noise while Hadamard noise reduction eliminates "mosquito noise" from any DVD.

Selectable Recording Times and Data Rates
Depending on the application, the most appropriate recording time and data rate can be selected. Copying of synchronized-edited material from HDD to DVD is normally performed at single speed (x1); however, this can be increased eightfold*. This means that by copying the synchronized-edited recording first to the DVD-R, then back to the HDD, and finally dubbing it at normal speed, reproduction of DVD discs can be performed up to eight times quicker.
*When copied to DVD-R at the maximum recording speed: 64 times in FR 480 mode.

18 Original Background Patterns (DVD)
The SR-DVM70 features 18 original background patterns that are available for convenient DVD video production. Selecting the desired menu and then inserting titles and chapter scenes help to simplify what could otherwise be a complex DVD authoring process.

Extended Recording with High resolution Pictures (DVD-RAM/DVD-RW VR mode)
Horizontal resolution in the LP (4- hour) mode of a conventional DVD recorder is approximately 250 lines (1/2D1) but the SR-DVM70 provides more than 350 lines (2/3D1). Content that is longer than 2 hours can be recorded on a disc without any decrease in picture quality.

Key Features:
  • 3 in 1 recording - incorporates MiniDV, HDD and DVD
  • 160 GB hard disk that offers high storage capacity for extended recording time
  • High speed (up to 8x) duplication of high quality picture and audio
  • Video output terminal with with BNC connector
  • Synchronized editing functions
  • BNC connector on the video output terminal
  • DV Format Recording to HDD (MiniDV / DV input >>> HDD)
  • DVCAM™ Playback Capability (MiniDV)
  • DV Block Noise Canceller (MiniDV)
  • Remote Control Code Input Terminal on rear panel
  • Last Function Memory
  • Mode Lock
  • OSD function can be totally suppressed
  • 18 Patterns of Original Background Prepared (DVD)
  • Playback formats:
    • Tape (MiniDV cassette): DVCAM™, DV
    • Disc Drive: DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, CDDA, VCD, CD-R (JPEG/MP3), CD-RW (JPEG/MP3)
  • Recording formats:
    • Tape (MiniDV cassette): DV
    • Disc Drive: DVD-R, DVD-RW (VR Mode, Video Mode), DVD-RAM
  • Hard Disk Drive Recorder, 160 GB Capacity, with selectable recording rates:
    • XP: 10 Mbps (36 hrs)*, SP: 5 Mbps (72 hrs)*,
    • LP: 2.5 Mbps (143 hrs)*, EP: 1.6 Mbps (215 hrs)*

*Bit rate and duration figures are approximate.
DVCAM™ is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

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