Offering Quick Installation and Simple Setup, this Plug & Play Fixed IP Dome Camera Provides Reassuring 24-hour surveillance.

Versatile enough for diverse user requirements, the VN-C205U offers a number of superior features such as Motion-JPEG network recording and high-resolution analog recording, as well as alarm-trigger recording with a CF card.

1/4" high-resolution IT CCD
The high-resolution 1/4" Interline Transfer CCD with 380,000 effective pixels reproduces superbly detailed images in true color.

30 fps Motion-JPEG (VGA)
The VN-C205U produces high-quality images in the Motion-JPEG format with a resolution of up to 640x480 pixels and a maximum frame rate of 30 fps. Any computer can be used to monitor and record the video stream.

Easy setup and installation
The VN-C205U uses an industrial standard 6" electrical box adapter that is easy to install, helping to reduce overall installation costs.

Easy focus adjustment
Automatic iris override allows for accurate focus adjustment under difficult lighting conditions especially for low-light conditions.

CF card slot
The VN-C205U features a CF card slot that works in conjunction with the alarm function to allow automatic recording onto a CF card before or after the alarm triggers. JVC recommends the use of industrial version CF cards ranging from 128 MB to 1024 MB*.
*Depends on the file size and/or object. CF card cannot record 30 fps.

Motion detection function
Alarms* can be activated based on motion within a defined area. Motion detection can also start video recording on an internal CF memory card or on a connected computer.
*The camera must be connected to alarm devices such as an annunciator, indicator, lamp or buzzer.

Backward compatibility with double analog outputs
In addition to being a superb IP network camera, the VN-C205U is a true hybrid camera, with high resolution analog outputs* for use with existing analog recording systems. An additional front-mounted RCA video output is convenient for initial camera setup.
*Without Line lock function