MSRP: $399.00
A perfect complement to JVC's popular ProHD cameras and recorders, the SRDVD-100U provides an economical method of viewing and distributing high definition recordings. Don't let the familiar form factor of a common DVD player fool you. This powerful unit is capable of decoding a variety of cutting edge high definition (HD) file formats, and displaying them on any popular HD capable monitor, plasma or LCD display. It even improves the playback of standard definition recordings by upconverting them to HD.
The simplist way to distribute your HDV™ recordings
The revolutionary HDV™ format has made it possible to economically create stunning high definition recordings. HDV™ cameras and recorders create MPEG-2 Transport Streams that can be saved as files on your computer's hard disk and edited if desired. Once on your computer, these files can be saved on inexpensive recordable DVD disks with a standard DVD burner. With a 19 mbps file (HDV 720 progressive mode) you can store up to 30 minutes of full HD programming on a 4.7GB single layer disk, and up to 60 minutes on a dual layer disk. When the DVD is inserted into the SRDVD-100U, a list of files will appear on the HD display screen. Just select one and begin enjoying full HD audio and video fidelity.

Windows Media Video® (WMV9) compatible
The Windows Media file format offers higher compression levels, providing longer recording times on a DVD disk. Some non-linear editing systems provide WMV9 output, making it easy to create DVD's with up to 2 hours of HD content.

Auto-Play, Auto-Repeat
The SRDVD-100U is ideal for unattended store displays and signage applications. When a DVD is inserted, the SRDVD-100U will immediately begin playing the first file recorded on the DVD, and then cycle through the files on that disk. When the last file has played, playback will loop back to the first file, and the process will repeat indefinately. Since the Auto-Play is the default mode, it is not necessary to use the remote control, or provide training to end users.

File Playback through IP Network
A standard RJ-45 jack is provided for connectivity to a local area network (LAN) with an IP address automatically assigned under DHCP. Remote files on the network can be played back through the SRDVD-100U without the need for a recorded DVD. It is even possible for multiple players to playback files from a single server, depending on available bandwidth. And if file contents are changed on the server, the programs displayed by the remote players will be affected accordingly. AVeL Link Server software is provided with the SRDVD-100U for use with Windows or MacOS X10.3 computers.

USB 2.0 Mass Storage Support
Besides DVD, other media types are supported via the front panel USB 2.0 connector. You can view files stored on solid state memory–from a digital still camera, or from external hard disk drives. The SR-DVD100U supports most media types including USB Memory Stick, I-O Data HDD products, and any FAT16/32 storage device or card reader.

File formats supported by the SR-DVD100U

DVI (digital) Output Connector
A standard DVI connector is provided with HDCP compliance, allowing you to playback commercially recorded DVDs. When viewing on a high definition monitor, the standard definiton DVDs are up-converted to HD, providing the highest image quality possible when using a DVI equipped monitor.

The SRDVD-100U is exclusively distributed by JVC and is manufactured and supported by I-O Data Device USA, Inc., 2480 North First Street, Suite 100, San Jose, California 95131.