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Creating Systems with Ease

Array of Standard Inputs and External Controls
Whether you are an installer or system integrator, the main concern when selecting a monitor is versatile connectivity. And this is where the GM-H40L1G excels, as it is equipped with an impressive array of standard inputs and external controls.

Standard Inputs and Optional Cards
The GM-H40L1G is compatible with a number of signal formats including composite or Y/C, analog RGB, and DVI-D or component video. Add an optional IF unit, such as the SD-SDI, HD-SDI or HDMI* formats, and you've got a total of seven input formats to choose from.

External Remote Control
The GM-H40L1G is compatible with a variety of external control terminals such as the common RS-232C and even the RS-485, for control that requires longer cable length. A MAKE/TRIGGER function is also available and for economical installation, an RJ45 terminal is employed to allow a LAN cable to be used as the control cable. Here is a summary of external control connectors and function:

Built for Professional Usage

Slim Design and Flexible Installation
The GM-H40L1G features a flat rear panel with a slim, symmetrical design that facilitates flexible installation anywhere, horizontally or vertically.And there is no need to worry about cooling capacity wherever units are installed as a silent cooling fan delivers optimum performance even in the vertical orientation. When the built-in temperature sensor detects excessive increases in heat, the fan automatically adjusts the rotation speed to effectively cool the GM-H40L1G. What's more, the flat rear panel design expands positioning possibilities such as when two units are installed back to back.

Heat-releasing Louvers on the Panel Sides
Heat is released from louvers on the sides and top of the unit, allowing the GM-H40L1G to be positioned closer to walls for optimum utilization of space.

Customizable Bezel and Easily Removable Rear Panel Enhances Aesthetics and Installation
The bezel and rear panel are detachable so that the unit can be customized to better match the surroundings or smoothly fit into a system. This makes replacing the whole unit unnecessary to save on costs. Replacing the bezel occasionally will not only enhance aesthetics but is also recommended for units used in public venues where they are likely to be scratched or dented.

VESA (200mm) Compliant Wall-mounting Templates
To make installation easy and quick, the wall-mounting templates are VESA industry standard compliant.

Outstanding Reliability

Long-life LCD
Unlike plasma monitors, LCD uses backlighting technology to eliminate screen burn-in. And thanks to the automatic sleep function,the unit will turn off automatically when no signal is detected from connected equipment after a specified time. This helps to reduce unnecessary blinking of the backlight, increasing screen life and saving overall energy consumption.

Remote Control Sensor
To ensure less signal interference, the remote control sensor is located at the upper corner of the panel. Infrared signal sensitivity of LCD monitors is somewhat better than that of plasma monitors and the GM-H40L1G?s oversized sensor window, which allows wide-angle reception of the infrared signal, enhances this.

Eco Sensor
The IR remote sensor incorporates an Eco sensor that automatically detects ambient light and adjusts brightness to reduce excessive luminance, helping to provide more comfortable viewing while decreasing unnecessary blinking of the backlight.

Self-diagnostic LED Indicator
A self-diagnostic LED indicator, which will light up or flash in 8 different patterns in the event of a malfunction, is located next to the Eco sensor. To facilitate servicing, operational history and temperature changes that take place before a malfunction occurs are recorded in the display?s internal microprocessor. What?s more, the 8 pattern indications can be detected via external control terminals allowing for recognition from a remote location.

Security Lock for Theft Prevention
The GM-H40L1G is fully equipped with security features to lessen the chance of theft. An original ID can be set via the supplied remote control to lock and disable operation. There is also a security lock key on the panel mount* that secures the monitor onto the mount. *Security lock is not available for the tabletop stand.

Control Lock
Control buttons are prominently located at the top of the panel to prevent unintention-al operation, and these can be locked to deter unwanted operation when the unit is used in public venues at such as storefronts and exhibits.

Array of Advanced Features

High-speed Input Switching
This feature enables instantaneous switching of two selected inputs and is particularly use-ful for requirements that call for high-speed input switching, such as security applications.

Dual display functions, PIP & PBP, are featured on the GM-H40L1G. PIP (Picture-in-Picture) enables display of a sub-screen ? with selectable size and position ? in the main screen. PBP (Picture-by-Picture) will display the main screen and sub- screen side by side with a user-selectable line separating the two screens. It is possible for both functions to be displayed in the widescreen 16:9 ratio and selecting the appropriate input terminal allows you to choose between the main screen and sub- screen. PIP Pro offers many advantages that make it very suitable for digital signage applications.

Digital Zoom Function
The digital zoom function will allow simple creation of a multi-screen system without having to spend extra on costly splitter products.

Power-on Delay
Once activated, JVC?s special Power-on Delay function reduces the load on the stu-dio?s main power supply when multiple units are powered up simultaneously.

Other features:
  • Hour Meters: Dual hour meters are available. The main meter displays aggregate operating hours while the sub-hour meter displays daily usage time.
  • 1080/24psF Compatibility: Use of the IF-CF21HD HD/SD-SDI module enables convenient 1080/24psF compatibility.

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