MSRP: $1,025.00

PC and Video inputs
The GD-19L1 is equipped with three video inputs, component (Y,Cb,Cr), S-video (Y/C), and standard composite video input terminals, each with a bridged input. The display monitor also offers a 15-pin D-sub PC input terminal to display up to SXGA resolution images at 1280 x 1024 pixels.

Built-in AC with Detachable Cord
The AC power supply (120V or 230V, 50/60Hz), which is built-in to the unit with a detachable cord, allows for quick and flexible installation. Power consumption is a mere 45 watts (about 1/3 that of a typical professional CRT monitor.)

Excellent visibility
The TFT-LCD monitor provides crisp, bright picture reproduction for easy viewing. A wide viewing angle of 170° left to right and 170° top to bottom enables the monitor to be installed at higher positions. The supplied infrared remote control facilitates adjustment and input selection.

Simple and stylish design
The stylishly designed GD-19L1 has smooth, flush surfaces that are attractive and help to simplify installation. What's more, the slim 24mm bezel provides a clear view of displayed images, which is especially beneficial when multiple monitors are installed. The control buttons on the front panel have no protrusions to help prevent unintentional operation while heat louvers — located at the top and sides of the display rear panel — allow the GD-19L1 to be installed directly on walls via the VESA standard mounting holes.

Control lock on/off function
The control buttons on the front panel can also be locked to prevent unintentional operation.

BNC video connector
The display monitor is equipped with a BNC?RCA connector to simplify connection with a BNC cable.

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