MSRP: $284.00

540 line resolution: The highest in the industry
The TK-C215 series comes with a ¼-inch Interline Transfer CCD with 380,000 effective pixels for accurate color reproduction and signal-to-noise ratio of 50 dB (AGC off). This outstanding image performance provides users with a new realm of surveillance.

Simple and flexible installation
With self-contained L-shaped mounting brackets, flush installations of the TK-C215 series couldn?t be easier. No extra brackets are required. With this new method, installation can be completed in nearly one-fifth the time of our conventional surveillance cameras. Moreover, surface mounting is possible, too. No additional mounting hardware is required for flush mounting on a ceiling. Wall mounting is even possible thanks to the TK-C215's triple axis rotation system.

Easy day/night function
The TK-C215 series automatically use color mode when the object is bright, and B&W mode when it is very dark. In B&W mode, AGC remains active to ensure high performance even under low-light conditions. Easy day/night function assures around-the-clock optimum imaging performance.

Alarm zoom function using optical zoom
The TK-C215V12U comes with a 12x lens and an alarm input interface. When an object appears in the field of view, an alarm signal is activated from the alarm sensor installed and the camera engages to automatically zoom into the center of the image. Once the object has left the field of view and the alarm signal is deactivated, the camera automatically returns back to its original position. This function makes this camera ideal for ensuring identification at high security doors, entrances, and exits.

Triple axis rotation system for wide lens adjustment
The TK-C215's lens angle can be freely adjusted within the following range: 350° (horizontal), ±80°(vertical) and ±175° (rotation). Since images do not appear inverted even when the lens angle is set at a rotation of ±175°, the camera can be installed virtually anywhere. Thanks to this outstanding lens angle adjustment mechanism, surveillance image quality will not be compromised regardless of where the dome camera is installed.