MSRP: $1,247.00

Dual SDI Inputs
Dual SDI inputs with embedded audio are available. SDI inputs are compatible with 480/60i and 576/50i signals.

Safe Area Marker
Displays dotted lines to indicate the areas corresponding to 80%, 88% and 90% of the screen size.

Audio Level Meter
For extra convenience, SDI input enables display of an on-screen audio level meter. Remotely switchable by RJ-45 trigger.

Two Audio Outputs
Two audio output connectors are provided for embedding digital audio into digital video streams, which are then converted and out-put as analog audio.

Compact Design for Rack Mounting
Thanks to the 5U height specifications, rack mounting of the TM-1051DG is possible individually or two monitors side by side on any EIA 19" rack using optional rack mount adapter RK-C101E.

Two-color Tally Lamp
Easily visible tally lamp is located on the monitor?s front panel. Red or green operational color is selectable via the on-screen menu.

Wired Remote Control Facility
An RJ-45 connector located on the rear panel allows remote on/off control of several selectable functions, including Tally, Aspect Ratio, Input A or C, Audio Level Meter, and Marker.

To allow viewing of the entire active picture, underscan mode can be selected by pushing the appropriate switch on the front panel.

Color Adjustment, Blue Check, and Color Off
The Screens Check mode allows selection of the above for setting hue & saturation, checking noise in the blue channel, and setting white balance.

Aspect Ratio Select
Scanning can be changed between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios by using the on-screen menu or RJ-45 trigger.

Other features
  • NTSC/ PAL Compatibility
  • Digital Comb Filter