Simultaneous Recording from a single source to VCR and DVD decks
If you ever come across a need to make recordings of a single source on both DVD disc and S-VHS tape simultaneously, the SR-MV55 has a solution. The Simultaneous Recording function can record programs on both DVD and VCR decks from the same input source. Additionally, it allows recordings from two different programs on two separate media.*
* The SR-MV55 has no built-in tuner.

Auto full repeat discs can be made
The Auto Repeat function is very convenient when constant or repeated video playback is required such as when DVD discs are used for company receptions or storefront demos.

Live Memory and Live Check functions
Ideal for school track and field events, Live Memory function lets you playback scenes to check any performance. With the DVD-RAM's rewriting capability, video can be recorded from a camcorder to the DVD-RAM, enabling simultaneous recording and playback. Viewing missed scenes will not interrupt the recording. The Live Check function displays real-time images in a sub-window.

Super MPEG Processors

Progressive scan compatibility
To allow viewing of flicker-free, high-resolution pictures on a compatible TV, DVD video signals can be output as progressive signals via component connection. Conversely, S-VHS video signals can also be output as progressive signals via the DVD recording circuit during dubbing mode.

S-VHS digital technologies
The S-VHS deck on the SR-MV55 features several advanced digital technology features.
  • Time Base Corrector (TBC) removes jitter to produce a more stable picture even when old tapes are used.
  • Luminance (Y) and chroma (C) signals are separated precisely by 3D Digital Y/C Separation to suppress cross-color noise and dot-interference.
  • 3D YNR/CNR improves the S/N ratio of luminance and chroma signals.
  • 2MB frame memory for high-quality still pictures and slow motion.

  • Digital and analog audio
    Dolby Digital 2ch and Linear PCM (XP mode) digital recording are enabled on the DVD-recorder, while the S-VHS deck can record in VHS Hi-Fi audio format.

    Crystal-clear playback
    Playback quality can be improved on multi-generation tapes or tapes created on different VCRs by using the Tape Level Up and Intelligent Picture functions. w Crystal-clear playback

    RS-232C external control terminal
    The RS-232C terminal enables connection of a PC for external control of the unit. A wide range of functions are available: in addition to control of recording and playback, the extensive control protocol lets you directly select titles and chapters for convenient queuing of content. Simple operation is also made possible by sending remote control codes via the RS-232C terminal.
    • Power On/Off
    • Stop/Pause
    • Play/Fast forward/Rewind
    • Title skip next/previous
    • Set the time
    • Select deck
    • Record
    • Chapter skip next/previous
    • Direct shuttle speed
    • Playlist/title/chapter/direct search
    • Select direct input
    • Finalize
    • Menu operation

    Remote control code input terminal
    A remote input terminal (3.5mm miniplug) allows connection of a wired remote control unit. This is convenient if you need to control the unit from a distance. A wide range of functions are accessible.

    Expanded control commands
    • Play, Stop, Pause, FFWD, REW, Skip forward, Skip reverse, Record
    • HDD/ DVD/ miniDV Transport Status: Counter, Date / Time
    • Chapter fwd, Chapter rev
    • Menu, Enter, left, right, up, and down direction keys
    • Dubbing MENU 6way selection
    • Transport status: Remain time
    • Finalize DVD-R
    • Playlist / Title Direct Select (HDD/ DVD)
    • Direct Playback Speed Control (Fast / Slow)
    • Transport status: Title, Chapter
    • Fwd/Rev Field Step
    • Jump (15min.), 30sec. Skip, Instant review (-7sec.)
    • Disc type detection (CD, DVD, etc.)
    • Up and down Input select
    • Recording Mode Select
    • Up and down Input select
    • Recording Mode Select
    • Audio Select, Subtitle Select
    • Direct Input selection: L-1 (C), L-1 (S), F-1 (C), F1 (S), DV
    • Direct Output Select
    • Date/ Clock Adjust mode
    • Simultaneous Recording

    Last function memory
    The SR-MV55 memorizes the last function in its memory and resumes operation from that point. Even if the power is turned off at the end of the day, mode settings remain valid and will be automatically recreated, making this feature especially handy for use in professional video editing studios.

    Mode lock
    Simply pressing on the remote control enter button for more than 5 seconds will disable all operation keys to prevent inadvertent operation.

    Time counter display
    The SR-MV55 displays time counter information, which is indispensable while editing or dubbing recordings, on both the DVD and S-VHS decks.

    i.LINK connection (DV input)
    Signals from external DV sources and NLE systems can be recorded via the i.LINK Terminal. These signals are converted in real-time to an MPEG-2 signal for DVD and analog video signal for VHS.

    Video output terminal with BNC connector
    The BNC connector for composite video output ensures reliable and secure connection to a professional monitor.

    One-touch dubbing
    Simply pressing on the dubbing button allows easy recording from S-VHS/VHS to DVD.

    Program navigation
    (DVD-RAM/DVD-RW VR format) Information for up to 1300 programs, including titles, disc numbers, dates, etc., can be stored so that you always know the right disc to load when selecting a program. Choosing the desired program on the disc is as simple as clicking on the moving thumbnail image that has audio.

    Closed captions available for DVD
    Especially useful for educational markets, the SR-MV55 is capable of recording closed captions onto DVD media.

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