The global surveillance infrastructure has been rapidly changing from analog to digital. In this environment, JVC's VR-N900U is the ideal enterprise solution for creating or updating an existing surveillance system for digital networks (IP), whether using analog, digital, or a mixture of both. The VR-N900U has an automatic IP camera addressing mode to make installation as uncomplicated as analog. User-friendly operation is assured with the pre-installed XProtect Enterprise software, and the added versatility of a unique VCR/DVR-like design that makes it possible to control basic functions on the front panel. The VR-N900U is a true hybrid recorder for use in a stand-alone system or an edge device for an XProtect Enterprise network solution.

Hybrid recording solution
With the built-in 4-channel encoder unit, VR-N900U accepts directly both analog and IP cameras without any additional investment. This convergence of IP and analogue allows you to dramatically upgrade to the latest IP surveillance system while keeping your existing analog equipment.

Motion JPEG/MPEG-4 recording
The VR-N900U supports both Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 from dedicated cameras popular in the market today.

Up to 9 channel inputs
From a mixture of up to 4 analog and 5 IP cameras is possible, to a total of 9 IP cameras. Using additional VN-E4 encoders, more analog cameras can be recorded.

Integration with third party devices
VR-N900U is open platform to meet customer demand, and supports not only JVC IP cameras but also dedicated third party IP cameras and encoder units as well.

Pre-installed Milestone XProtect Enterprise
Collaboration between Milestone Systems AV and JVC, produced an embedded version of Milestone XProtect Enterprise for ease of use and enhanced security. In the IP Network surveillance market, VR-N900U achieves user-friendly set-up/operation as an IP solution.

Automatic IP camera detection
A new IP camera discovery protocol allows to quick setup the VR-N900U with all the cameras on the network.

System scalability and compatibility
With the pre-installed Milestone software, you can use VR-N900U as the edge device for XProtect Enterprise solution. The VR-N900U is fully compatible with Milestone software, therefore making the NVR an ideal edge device for larger system solutions.

Other features
  • Built-in Serial interface for USB memory/ dedicated UPS & external HDD unit
  • Supports PTZ camera control
  • Quick search by time, date (or timeline), or alarm
  • Built-in Motion Detection
  • Scheduled recording on weekly basis
  • Frame rate:
    • Recording: Up to 120 ips (VGA)
    • Display: Up to 60 ips (VGA)
    • Distribution: Up to 30 ips (VGA)
  • Audio interface: 2 inputs and 1 output
  • Network interfaces (RJ-45):
    • 10BaseT/100BaseTX for Client PCs x 1
    • 1000BaseT for IP cameras x 1

Milestone XProtect Enterprise Versatile Capabilities and Benefits

Here is an explanation of the XProtect Enterprise software by Milestone Systems A/S. This software is comprehensive IP software for larger installations handling an unlimited number of cameras, multiple servers and multiple sites. It is a top performance solution in the high-end IP security market for integrating with other database systems.


  • Compatibility: Supports both Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 compressions
  • Reliability: Currently serving more than 25,000 cameras installations worldwide.
  • Strength: Utmost performance is possible by multi-thread 32bit programming technology.
  • Standard PC can also be used.
  • Remote: Multiple site surveillance (via PC or PDA) is available at any time by remote access.
  • Platform: Depending on requirements, it is possible to upgrade to a total system by IP technology and open architecture based on license structure.


  • System integration with POS/ATM (via XProtect Transact/Retail)
  • Automatic video distribution is possible with XProtect Matrix.
  • Central monitoring of large multi unit installations is possible through XProtect Central.
  • Supports mobile surveillance via XProtect PDA Client
  • Possible integration with external devices such as access control, alarm, etc.
  • Unlimited access on IP network via XProtect Remote Client/Smart Client


Video & Audio Recording
  • Simultaneous recording and playback
  • Supports Motion JPEG/MPEG-4
  • Simultaneous viewing of recorded image and live image (max.64 cameras/one server)
  • Display on two or three monitors
  • Prompt database by Motion JPEG/MPEG-4 technology
  • Independent frame rate set-up (REC/Live) depending on hardware
  • Picture quality depends on camera and server performance.

Search, Export & Secure Data

  • Prompt search by date/ time & action/VMD
  • Smart search
  • Images as JPEG or AVI together with time/date
  • Export audio as WAV or AVI
  • Export image and viewing software by CD
  • Protect export images by encoding or password setting
  • Export image/text able to encode
  • Export log can be searched by user/file
  • Access log for remote client user can be searched

Video Motion Detection (VMD)

  • Separate adjustment available
  • REC by video motion detection
  • Speedy frame rate available by VMD
  • Various outputs (Email / SMS / Alarm sound)

PTZ Control

  • 50 preset positions for each camera
  • PTZ go-to function for preset event positions
  • Auto patrol
  • Auto return
  • Manual control by Remote Client
  • REC/Live viewing is possible while recognizing the PTZ device.
  • VMD-sensitive PTZ available


  • On-the-fly configuration change available while recording
  • Up to 8 event buttons per camera
  • Database saving options for each hour
  • Assign network drive from local server
  • Supports DNS
  • License: multi-site/multi-server per camera