Deep, true black level with the industry's highest native contrast ratio of 30,000:1
The DLA-RS2 projects images with a native contrast ratio of more than 30,000 to 1. While other manufacturers often use a dynamic iris to boost their contrast specificaton, you seldom hear them use the term 'NATIVE.' A dynamic iris can adjust the amount of light striking the screen on a scene by scene basis—reducing the brightness of some frames while increasing it in others, thus allowing for an inflated contrast spec. The native contrast ratio is what you actually see on the screen in every frame. JVC's native contrast ratio is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. We've achieved this breakthrough through refinements in the D-ILA chip design—our own technology, and with improvements in the optical system—reducing stray light, further reducing gaps between pixels, and with more efficient polarization. Images with 30,000:1 native contrast simultaneously show true blacks, and sparkling luminance, and in many cases actually rival images projected from film.

Upgraded D-ILA devices—0.7-in (16:9) full HD devices x 3
D-ILA™ is a proprietary JVC technology based on Liquid Crystal on Silicon. JVC has been able to achieve a significant reduction in stray light at the chip level caused by phenomena such as the dispersion and diffraction of reflected light. JVC succeeded in decreasing orientation irregularities by reducing the gaps between pixels, adopting improved liquid crystals and other innovative technologies, enabling the device itself to achieve a contrast ratio of 40,000 to 1.

Optical engine with wire grid polarizers
The enhanced wire grid optical engine dramatically improves the precision of light polarization, helping to prevent light leakage into the projection lens and allowing for true black level reproduction.

Newly designed Color Filters reproduce outstandingly vivid colors
JVC uses newly designed filters to extract red, blue, and green colors with extremely high purity. This suppresses excessive light frequency bands that prevent color purity, broadening the red color space. Thanks to the outstanding color rendition range, which exceeds approximately 170% of the SMPTE HDTV standards, the color reproduction of minute differences in red colors seen in plants or nature such as in sunsets or roses combines with expression of colors closer to the real colors to create truly superb images.

Customized Gamma Control reproduces subtle gray scale
By finely adjusting the gray scale manually to reproduce a more realistic image and by adjusting the levels while observing the changes in the on-screen gamma curve graph, dark areas can be raised and loss of detail suppressed in bright white areas. The color reproduction can be adjusted perfectly to suit personal tastes via the on-screen display, as primary RGB colors can be adjusted individually.

High-performance 2x motorized zoom lens enables flexible setup
Projector installation has been made much easier with a wide range of options for positioning. The large diameter all-glass Fujinon lens has a zoom ratio of 2x with very minimal chromatic aberration. The lens has a motorized focus and zoom that can be controlled from the wireless remote. Lens offsets provide a wide range of positioning options. An ±80% vertical offset will allow it to be mounted above the top of the screen without inverting the projector. A ±34% horizontal lens shift accommodates a wide range of installation irregularities. You could, for instance, install the projector in a wall unit or on a shelf at the rear of the room, and not necessarily centered on the screen.

Compatibility with HDMI ver. 1.3 (Deep Color) specifications
The DLA-RS2 incorporates two HDMI inputs compatible with version 1.3 specifications, allowing users to take full advantage of the higher bandwidth of 225 MHz, increased color depth from millions of colors to billions of colors (Deep Color) as well as enhanced resolution and frame rates. For more details, please refer to the HDMI ver. 1.3 specifications at

V-Stretch Wide Screen
A new V-Stretch mode allows movies with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio to be projected using all 1920 x 1080 pixels. For example, 2.35:1 ratio images from a movie would normally be viewed with "letterbox" black bands at the top and bottom of the screen. With V-Stretch, the image is expanded vertically so that every part of the DILA device is utilized to create the image, increasing brightness and sharpness. A third party anamorphic lens is used to stretch the image to its full extra wide 2.35:1 image ratio, just as seen in the theater.

Quiet, efficient cooling system
The Cooling air fan opening is on the front of the projector so the installation position is almost entirely unrestricted. With a reduced fan noise to a mere 24dB, the DLA-RS2 can be placed in a really quiet room without disturbing the viewer's concentration on the movie or other content. Freedom of positioning is greatly increased thanks to the simple design with connection terminals only on the back side. Even if the projector cannot be suspended from the ceiling, it can be placed freely next to walls and so forth. Additionally, lamps can be replaced swiftly and easily through the side of the projector, irrespective of whether it is suspended from the ceiling or placed on a table or the floor.

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