With ultra-high native contrast of 15,000:1, full HD resolution, and brilliant color reproduction, this high-definition projector produces vivid, film-like images with real blacks. An all-in-one design and easy, flexible setup make the DLA-RS1X ideal for a wide range of home theaters. It has never been easier or more affordable to enjoy movies with beautiful high definition images on the big screen.

Newly-developed 0.7-inch full HD D-ILA device
Conventional Lcos devices suffer from surface unevenness, minute gaps and irregularities that are unavoidable using normal semiconductor manufacturing processes. Discontinuities between individual pixel cells or where the pixel cells are connected with the underlying semiconductor structure disturb the orientation of the liquid crystals, and the resulting diffraction and other effects lead to stray light.

The application of a new liquid crystal material and new orientation technology has made it possible to optimize the liquid crystal thickness from 3.2 microns to 2.3 microns. This reduces the light loss from the LCD layer itself and greatly enhances compensation precision. These new technologies have also made it possible for the device to achieve ultra-high contrast of 20,000:1 and have improved response speed from 8 msec (Tr+Td) to 4 msec.

15,000:1 high contrast ratio without iris adjustment
By combining our newly developed 0.7-inch full HD (H 1920 x V 1080 pixels) D-ILA device with a new optical engine, we have achieved native contrast of 15,000:1 without iris adjustment. This allows reproduction of real black and ensures that details and depth in dark scenes are expressed clearly and vividly.

Film-like picture with inconspicuous pixels
There is no obvious "screen-door" effect (a faintly visible mesh representing pixel cell boundaries) when using D-ILA devices, so the high-definition picture is like that produced by a film projector.

Professional-standard greyscale performance
JVC's original D-ILA pulse drive produces clear, high-precision gradations without employing error diffusion. While delivering a 15000:1 contrast ratios, high-precision calibration technology enables the faithful reproduction of dark pictures, in which luminance is 10% or less, so that the blacks can still be differentiated, thus resulting in pictures with appreciable texture.

Rich, precise color reproduction
JVC's advanced optical engine reproduces colors with smooth gradations and minimal noise. This is particularly ideal for movies and sports. Since vertically oriented liquid crystals are used for the D-ILA device, it is possible to reproduce objects that are normally black with true blacks. And, irrespective of brightness, consistent response is assured, allowing the reproduction of a wide range of intermediate colors.

High-performance video processor
The heart of the video circuit is the high-performance Gennum "GF9351" processor. Incorporating four VXP™ technologies and high-precision scaling, this processor further enhances image quality, ensuring high-quality picture reproduction. VXP™ technology offers the following benefits:
  • TruMotionHD™
    Fully compatible with HD signals (1080i), TruMotionHD™ progressive conversion technology outputs high quality 1080p images.
  • FineEdge™
    FineEdge™ contour compensation technology reduces the "jaggies", creating smoother contours and maintaining overall image sharpness.
  • FidelityEngine™
    Designed to maximize image details, FidelityEngine™ technology enhances details while suppressing noise, making it ideal for images with low resolution.
  • RealityExpansion™
    With full high-precision10-bit video processing architecture, RealityExpansion™ technology can sample Y;Cb:Cr=4:2:2 video signals at up to 4:4:4. By eliminating artifacts and ensuring smooth, natural images, it provides signal processing capability equivalent to that required for a broadcast master.

New WireGrid optical engine
Using a conventional PBS (Polarizing Beam Splitter), comprised of a glass prism on which has been deposited a multilayer interference film, optical properties can vary considerably depending on the angle of the incident light beam; this makes it difficult to realize high contrast. JVC's new optical engine uses our advanced wire grid inorganic reflective polarized light plate made of aluminum ribs on a glass substrate. These ribs are formed with widths of 10 nanometers and a pitch (distance from line to line) of more than 100 nanometers. The WireGrid has a lower angle dependency for polarized light, effectively minimizing any leakage of light to the lens when the image is black. In combination with the newly developed D-ILA device, this new optical engine helps achieve native contrast of 15,000:1.

Easy-to-use self-illuminated remote control
Illuminated buttons make it easy to operate your projector even in a dark room. To make things even simpler, direct keys are provided for frequently used functions such as contrast and brightness, as well as input switching.

Customized Gamma Control reproduces subtle gray scale
By finely adjusting the gray scale manually to reproduce a more realistic image and by adjusting the levels while observing the changes in the on-screen gamma curve graph, dark areas can be raised and loss of detail suppressed in bright white areas. The color reproduction can be adjusted perfectly to suit personal tastes via the on-screen display, as primary RGB colors can be adjusted individually.

High-performance 2x zoom lens
The projection lens used in this projector is a large aperture, all-glass, 13-group, 16-lens device made by legendary lens-maker Fujinon. The superior optical performance reduces chromatic aberration to enable accurate reproduction of properly focused high-resolution images. Thanks to the high-performance 2x zoom, clear, dynamic large screen images can be enjoyed even in smaller rooms where it's difficult to get enough distance from the screen.

Lens shift function (V: 80%, H: 34%)
With an expansive lens shift range of 80% vertically and 35% horizontally, this projector offers a remarkable degree of flexibility when it comes to installation environment and ease of installation.

Front breather design
To keep the projector from overheating and to maximize installation flexibility, a front breather is incorporated. The only things on the back of the unit are connectors. This simple design allows the projector to be installed just about anywhere, even in locations where ceiling installation is not possible. For added convenience, the lamp can be accessed and replaced from the side so there's no need to move the projector.
User Replaceable Lamp (BHL5009-S):

Equipped with 2 HDMI version 1.3 terminals
This product is equipped with 2 separate HDMI 1.3 terminals that ensure HDTV signals are transferred without any degradation.

Rear terminals

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