1.3 Megapixel CCD for High Resolution Images
The VN-X35U incorporates a 1.3 Megapixel progressive scan CCD to capture high-quality, high-precision images. It can distribute up to Quad VGA (1280x960) resolution Motion JPEG images which are 4 times larger than conventional VGA. This increased visual information means a face or a license plate can be identified even when enlarged by digital zoom.

Freely Selectable Partial Scan
Select up to 20 areas as "Preset positions" to be clipped from within the original angle and distributed sequentially like the "Auto Patrol" function of PTZ cameras.

Digital PTZ Function
Quad VGA images allow you to use the VN-X35U like a PTZ camera. Using the digital zoom, you can magnify any area of the image and the magnified area can be moved freely maintaining the same zoom ratio. The speed of Pan/Tilt and Zoom are adjustable from several levels.

Simultaneous MPEG-4/Motion JPEG Dual Stream
The VN-X35U can stream both MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG images simultaneously at up to 15fps. Motion JPEG image (QuadVGA/VGA/QVGA) are useful when you need to record images as evidence data because of the high quality still pictures it can provide. And MPEG-4 (VGA/QVGA) distribution is ideal where monitoring with smooth, high frame rate images is required within a limited bandwidth. With VN-X35U, you can select compression format and distribution size depending on your network's bandwidth or requirements.
Note: Depending on the type of distribution, there are some restrictions on Privacy Mask function.

Progressive Scan Flicker-free Images
The VN-X35U's progressive scan images are optimal for monitoring on LCD or TFT monitors. You can obtain clear images without distortion even for moving objects.

Easy Day/Night Function
An Easy Day/Night function assures round-the-clock optimum imaging performance. The VN-X35U automatically uses the color mode when the object is bright, and the B&W mode when it is very dark. In the B&W mode, AGC remains active to ensure high performance even under low-light conditions.

Easy Wide-D Function for Backlight Compensation
The Easy Wide-D function by gamma adjustment is equivalent to the conventional Wide Dynamic Range function, allowing pictures to be adjusted to identify details of the subject even in backlit conditions.

Bi-Directional Audio Communication
The VN-X35U incorporates a LINE IN/OUT connection for bi-directional audio communication. So in addition to viewing the camera spot, you can listen in on the area from a monitoring room. With an external speaker attached. You can speak to or emit an alarm sound for visitors. A more advanced monitoring system with the capability of conversation and warning can also be configured.

Privacy Mask for Protecting Intrusive Monitoring
You can protect subjects from invasion of privacy by masking certain areas of the screen. Mask areas can be specified using bitmap-format overlay data. Positions and shapes of areas can be freely set and number of areas are unlimited.

Focus Assist for Accurate Focus Adjustment
Accurate focusing is essential for reliable monitoring. Thanks to the Focus Assist function, you can easily adjust the focus precisely. The iris fully opens when the Focus Assist mode is engaged, reducing the depth of field and therefore making it easier to find the exact focal point.

Open Architecture API for Easy Customization
The VN-X35U employs the open architecture API (Application Program Interface) which allows higher flexibility with simple command system and HTTP-based protocol. Various settings and customization are possible via network.

Other Features
  • Built-in setup tool and viewer with easy browser-based operation
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) for easy, cost-saving installation
  • Lowest operating temperature of -10°C
  • Motion detection
  • NTSC/PAL monitor output (only for setup)
  • Multicasting capability
  • FTP/Client function