MSRP: $7,495.00

Industy's highest native contrast ratio—up to 50,000:1 !
Native Contrast ratio is the intrinsic ability of the projector to show the complete range of image contrast simultaneously. In the DLA-RS20, JVC changed the structural design of the optical section from a conventional L-shape to a straight configuration which helps to reduce light leakage. The enhanced wire grid optical engine dramatically improves the precision of light polarization, helping to prevent light spilling onto the projection lens. Combined with a highly efficient lamp, a brightness of 900 lumens has been achieved. Realizing that increased brightness may not be desired for all viewing environments and screen sizes, JVC has added a 16-step Aperture Brightness Control that allows users to achieve perfect screen brightness and adjust for ambient lighting conditions. The Aperture Brightness Control also serves to further enhance native contrast ratio, up to 50,000:1.

Full 1920 x 1080 0.7-in D-ILA devices (x 3)
D-ILA™ is a proprietary JVC technology based on Liquid Crystal on Silicon. JVC has been able to achieve a significant reduction in stray light at the chip level caused by phenomena such as the dispersion and diffraction of reflected light. JVC succeeded in decreasing orientation irregularities by reducing the gaps between pixels, adopting improved liquid crystals and other innovative technologies.

New compact chassis, automatic lens cover
The chassis in the DLA-RS20U has been redesigned giving it a sleek new look with connections on the left side rather that on the back. Its shiny black cabinet looks great in any upscale home theater, and it's much quieter than previous models--around 19dB. A unique automatic lens cover opens and closes with power on/off to protect against dust, so even if the projector is installed up on the ceiling, you're assured of easy, trouble-free operation via the remote controller.

High-Performance 2x motorized zoom lens
The DLA-RS20U is equipped with a new 17 element lens that uses ED (extra low dispersion) glass, producing very minimal chromatic aberration. The lens has a motorized focus and 2x zoom that can be controlled from the wireless remote. New motor driven lens offsets provide a wide range of positioning options. An ±80% vertical offset will allow it to be mounted above the top of the screen without inverting the projector. A ±34% horizontal lens shift accommodates a wide range of installation irregularities. You could, for instance, install the projector in a wall unit or on a shelf at the rear of the room, and not necessarily centered on the screen. Alignment to the screen can be easily accomplished using the remote control.

THX Certification, THX Movie Mode
The DLA-RS20U is THX Certified to ensure accurate and exceptional picture quality in the home theater environment. THX certification promises that the projector is capable of presenting a wide range of video content at maximum resolutions with the correct color and luminance levels. THX has created a battery of signal processing tests that challenge the projector's scaling, motion conversion and de-interlacing capabilities. This type of in-depth analysis predicts how the DLA-RS20U will present a variety of high definition and standard definition content.

The DLA-RS20U also features the THX Movie Mode, a pre-calibrated video setting for watching movies on DVD, Blu-ray HD or broadcast television. This playback feature is designed to recreate the cinema experience at home by setting the display's gamma, luminance, color gamut, color temperature and other settings to mirror those used by filmmakers in post-production. THX Movie Mode also ensures projector brightness is optimal for large screen viewing.

Color management for excellent color rendition

The DLA-RS20 features color management that interpolates colors individually by R, G, B, C, Y, or M, in three separate axes of color phase, chroma saturation and brightness. Up to three customized color settings can be stored for future use.

HQV processor
The DLA-RS20U uses a new HQV Reon-VX video processor developed by Silicon Optix to ensure excellent image reproduction with precision I/P conversion and scaling. This is true 10 bit 4:4:4 processing that removes any jaggies or stair stepping artifacts without blurring the image. Per pixel adaptave noise reduction detects and reduces analog and MPEG noise—particularly mosquito and block noise generated in more highly compressed sources such as cable and satellite. Pixel-by-pixel detail enhancement can actually make many standard definition DVDs look like high def. This is seen in images with blades of grass, textures on clothing and wrinkles on faces.

Four-field motion adaptive deinterlacing
Deinterlacing is very important since a significant amount of programming is distributed in the 1080 interlace format. Interlace was fine back in the days of CRT devices, but with microdisplay products, the signal must be converted into progressive. The quality of the deinterlacer has a big impact on the final picture quality. The DLA-RS20U features a deinterlacer that looks at each individual pixel in a 4 field sequence. There's no loss of resolution as with conventional deinterlacers.

Customized on-screen gamma control
Manual adjustment of the gamma curve is possible via an on-screen display, allowing the viewer to adjust projector luminance levels by either increasing contrast in scenes that are too dark or dimming washed-out scenes to ensure precise brightness levels suited to individual preferences. Up to three settings can be adjusted and stored for future use.

On Screen Display of Gamma Controls

Highly Accurate Color Filters reproduce outstandingly vivid colors
JVC uses newly designed filters to extract red, blue, and green colors with extremely high purity. This suppresses excessive light frequency bands that prevent color purity, broadening the red color space. Thanks to the outstanding color rendition range, which exceeds approximately 170% of the SMPTE HDTV standards, the color reproduction of minute differences in red colors seen in plants or nature such as in sunsets or roses combines with expression of colors closer to the real colors to create truly superb images.

External triggers for screen and lens control
The DLA-RS20U features an external 12-volt trigger that can be used to automatically raise and lower a screen or draw curtains. A second trigger can be activated while simultaneously to engage the V-Stretch mode and to move an optional anamorphic wide screen lens system into place.

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