• Simple Operation
  • All-in-one design and easy-to-use operations with VCR-like front panel controls including Jog/Shuttle
  • High-Quality Picture
  • High frame rate of 160fps for recording, viewing and distribution
  • Milestone XProtect Enterprise Pre-installed
  • Fully licensed for 16 cameras, no need to install additional software — quick and easy installation. You can increase the total number of channels to 32 by purchasing a "JVC NVR Additional Camera License".
  • Advanced Functions
  • Full Milestone XProtect Enterprise display and search functionality
  • Superior Scalability
  • NAS archive capability for high capacity recording Open platform for easy integration with other devices
  • Advanced PTZ Control and Accuracy
  • Accurate PTZ control to ensure secure and reliable monitoring for preset positions

All-in-one solution
The VR-N1600UA offers an all-in-one solution that includes live viewing, recording and playback in one unit. There's no need for troublesome system dividing for system maintenance, greatly reducing the burden on administrators.

Open Architecture for Easy Integration
The VR-N1600UA is open platform to make it easy to integrate with an external system such as access control systems, POS systems, or ATM systems. It also supports not only JVC IP cameras but also dedicated third party cameras.

High-capacity recording capability
Hard disk drive can be upgraded up to 5TB and data recording on NAS is also available. In addition, its unique archive function effectively utilizes disk space for efficient data storage. (Archive Function: Video data recorded on the database is transferred and stored on the allocated space of the HDD as required. This enables HDD capacity to be used more efficiently than accumulating data on the database. Archived data can be played back seamlessly, just as normal data would, without stopping the network system.)

Analog camera support
In conjunction with a video server such as the VN-E4 Network Encoder, analog cameras can be incorporated into the system the same as IP cameras.

Advanced PTZ Control and Accuracy
With JVC's PTZ Camera VN-C625U/C655U, preset positions are stored on the camera unit. So positioning accuracy offered originally by the camera is maintained even if you engage PTZ control via the VR-N1600UA. Secure monitoring for preset positions is assured.

Other features
  • Improved usability with mouse operation via USB interface
  • Data export capability for USB memory and external CD-R drive (optional)
  • RAID function for secured data backup (Hardware RAID1 supported. Mirroring is possible by upgrading internal HDD. Hot swapping is not supported.)
  • PTZ camera control is possible on operation screen.
  • Recording, distribution and export of audio source are possible with 2ch audio interface.
  • Stable performance is assured with dual network ports for the camera network and the client network.

High-Quality Monitoring and Milestone XProtet Enterprise Versatile Capabilities

Easy Setup
The VR-N1600UA's sophisticated setup menu makes network settings so simple. It covers all the complicated settings including automatic camera detection and IP address assignment.

Monitoring with high-quality pictures
The VR-N1600UA assures high quality monitoring which is rather difficult for network systems. Thanks to the doubled memory capacity of the VR-N1600U(A), the viewing frame rate and network distributing frame rate are increased to 160 ips each. (previously 80ips each)

Advanced Data Export Functions
Recorded data can be exported in AVI or JPEG format. The VR-N1600UA also features an export function with advanced encryption using the original format as well as password protection to prevent unauthorized viewing.

Versatile Search Functions
With pre-installed Milestone XProtect Enterprise, advanced search functions are available.