Three ¼-inch Progressive CCDs
Three newly developed ¼-inch progressive scan CCDs—one each for red, green and blue—provide rich, accurate colors. To separate primary colors, JVC has incorporated a high accuracy Fujinon glass prism and the proprietary mounting technology.

Spatial Offset Technology
The Red and Blue pixel locations are shifted relative to Green, allowing the sampled luminance information to be significantly increased in both horizontal and vertical directions. This results in much higher resolution images without sacrificing sensitivity.

Fujinon 10:1 Zoom HD Lens
The GY-HM100U utilizes a high definition lens by Fujinon, world leader in HD lens technology. This lens features 3 aspheric elements which minimize the weight and space required, while producing less distortion, ghosting, and flare. In addition, the lens surface is coated with a new Electronic Beam Coating (EBC) that greatly reduces degradation caused by light reflecting off the lens surfaces leading to greater light transmission and reduced flaring and ghosting. To protect the lens, a flip-in cover is provided, eliminating the need for an external cap.

Focus is controlled manually or automatically. A smooth servo zoom is controlled with a conventional rocker on the handgrip, or manually on the lens. For close-up shooting, a macro mode allows for shooting subjects as little as 2-inches away from the lens. Exposure (iris) is automatically or manually controlled, letting the shooter adjust the depth of focus by selecting the appropriate F stop. The current F stop is displayed in the viewfinder in the manual mode.

An advanced JVC-developed Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) system provides effective camera-motion compensation without any of the quality loss associated with digital image stabilization systems.

Newly Designed 1080p Digital Processor
JVC's digital signal processor (DSP) processes all images as full 1920x1080 progressive signals, providing the maximum image information to work with regardless of the actual recording mode that is used. Also integrated into the chip are five digital noise reduction technologies that evaluate the signal and apply the appropriate compensation while increasing vertical resolution by about 30%.

JVC Original 35Mbps MPEG2 Encoder
Drawing from its experience in developing rack mount encoders used by major television stations, JVC developed a proprietary codec capable of providing highly efficient compression up to 35 megabits per second, a bitrate that can support full 1920 x 1080 encoding. This is significantly higher than the data rates used in other hand held camcorders and results in recorded images of exceptional quality. MPEG2 long GOP is the most widely accepted broadcast standard compression supported by all popular editing systems and broadcast servers.

The GY-HM100 supports all major HD signal formats including 1920 x 1080, 1440 x 1080 and 1280 x 720.




1920 x 1080/60i

1440 x 1080/60i

1280 x 720/60p

1920 x 1080/50i

1440 x 1080/50i

1280 x 720/50p

1920 x 1080/30p

1280 x 720/30p

1920 x 1080/25p

1280 x 720/25p

1920 x 1080/24p

1280 x 720/24p

1440 x 1080/60i

1440 x 1080/50i

1280 x 720/60p

1280 x 720/50p

1280 x 720/30p

1280 x 720/25p

1280 x 720/24p

Native File Recording
The GY-HM100 incorporates JVC's Native File Recording technology that stores video in the ready-to-edit format used by Apple's Final Cut Pro™ and Adobe's Premiere™ non-linear editing systems. The ".mov" files created in the camera can be easily dragged onto the NLE timeline without conversion or rewrapping, saving time while keeping the recorded material first generation. There is no need to use an intermediate codec.

The camera can also store files in the ISO Base Media File Format (.MP4 MPEG-2 Long GOP), compatible with all major non-linear editing systems. In this mode, the files and folders are recorded so that they can be easily accessed in the post production process.

The GY-HM100 records audio as uncompressed LPCM data in both Final Cut Pro™ and .MP4 formats.

Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) memory card recording
The GY-HM100 records on widely available SDHC Class 6 memory cards, presently available in capacities up to 32GB. The camera provides 2 memory card slots, for a total of up to 64GB of on board storage—enough for more than 6 hours* of continuous HD recording. (The camera automatically begins recording on the second card when the first card fills up.) Being able to quickly switch cards with dual slots is invaluable in a breaking news situation where a producer may wish to begin editing while the shooter is still capturing footage.
*When recording in 19Mbps mode

SDHC cards are highly reliable with no moving parts, no pins to break nor sockets to clog. Unlike competing solid state media, the per-minute cost of SDHC memory is comparable to video tape. Moreover, SDHC media is the first practical solid state solution to physical archive.

Still picture capture capability
Create 2 megapixel still images (1920 x 1080) with either a live grab, or from recorded video. Since the CCDs are progressively scanned, still images are crystal clear, even if there is motion in the scene. With the GY-HM100, you can copy or move still images from one memory card to another allowing you to store still images on one card, and video on the other.

Uncompressed Audio with Manual Controls
The GY-HM100 records 2 channels of uncompressed LPCM (linear pulse code modulated) 16 bit audio sampled at 48Khz. Audio levels can be controlled manually, or automatically using AGC. An audio meter is provided in the LCD and VF displays to facilitate adjustment. Balanced XLR connectors are provided on the handle for an external microphone and/or wireless receiver. 48V phantom power is available for each microphone. Versatile input switching allows the microphone signal to be directed to the desired channel. A shotgun microphone is provided, as well as a built-in stereo microphone for ambient sound pickup.

Operational / Ergonomic Features

Compact Hand-held Form Factor
The GY-HM100 is the smallest pro format 3-CCD camcorder available--about the size of the lens of a 2/3-inch camera. At only 3.3 lbs, it can be used comfortably for hours, and without the need for clumsy support bracing. Its size makes it ideal for hand-held POV use and for applications where a full size camera would be impractical such as traveling into potentially hostile situations. For a smaller footprint and less conspicuous shooting, the handle can be easily removed. When media needs to be concealed, Micro-SDHC memory cards can be used with a card adapter.

Shooter-friendly controls and layout
The camera's hand grip has a comfortable, familiar feel comfortably accommodating hands of all sizes. Controls and switches are right where you'd expect them. To conserve on space, a single ring is used for both manual focus and manual zoom. When holding the camera by the grip, zoom and trigger controls operate the same as on full size cameras. Available controls on the camera body include:
  • Lens zoom/focus selector
  • White balance—selectable between preset and 2 user settings.
  • Auto white set
  • Gain (L,M,H)
  • Full auto (on/off)
  • Auto/Manual focus
  • ND filter (in/out)
  • User1/User2/User3
    (allows user to predefine functions such as Focus Assist, Color Bars, TC setting, LoLux, Zebra, Tele/Macro, etc.)
  • Select Memory Card (A/B)
  • Iris (manual/auto)
  • Shutter (Shutter priority, set)
  • Record start/stop
  • Still/Video select
  • Audio Controls
    • Independent CH1/CH2 level controls
    • Manual/AGC select (independent CH1/CH2)
    • Mic/Line CH1/CH2 select switches
    • Headphone volume level
  • Media management functions
    • Quick Review
    • Live/playback select
    • Display

Patented "FOCUS ASSIST" function
Achieving exact focus with HD signals is critical. JVC's Focus Assist turns focusing into a fast, easy and accurate process. When Focus Assist is activated, the picture in the viewfinder becomes monochrome and all objects which are in focus take on a colored fringe. Focus Assist works equally in the viewfinder as well as on the LCD panel. The Focus Assist function can be assigned to one of the three USER buttons.

Versatile Manual Controls
When operating the camera in the manual mode, depth of field can be adjusted by manually setting the iris. Aperture priority automatically selects the correct shutter setting based on the iris selection. Shutter can be manually adjusted from 1/4 to 1/10000 sec. Other manual adjustments include:
  • LoLux mode -- a JVC exclusive feature that permits shooting in adverse lighting conditions
  • H detail & V detail Adjustment
  • Zebra pattern which range specification is possible
  • Color matrix/Gain Adjustment
    Gain settings of 0,3,6,9,12,15,18 dB & ALC can be assigned to the "L/M/H" gain switch
  • Gamma Adjustment which gives rich expression of gradation

Data Battery
When used with JVC Data Batteries, the remaining battery power by percentage and remaining recording time in minutes can be checked with the touch of a button, even while the camera's power is off. One BN-VF823U Data Battery (7.2V, 2190mAh) is provided for recording time over 2 hours.

2.8-inch LCD Display
The 2.8-inch LCD offers a 16:9 aspect ratio and provides a wide array of monitoring and setup indications. It is especially designed to cut surface reflections and glare to maintain a clear, visible, bright view during outdoor recording. Menu items are easily selected using a small joystick and push buttons.

Wireless Remote Control
A simple infrared remote control unit (provided) allows the camera to be operated remotely. This is especially useful at events when the camera is used to capture POV shots when an operator is not available.

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