Internal Dome Design
Normally recessed into a false ceiling to provide minimal intrusion in any indoor location. Or, when surface-mounted the sleek design will let it blend into a variety of environments for inconspicuously effective surveillance.

Direct Drive Motor for more accurate and reliable camera movement
The VN-V686BU incorporates a newly-developed Direct Drive Motor for Pan/Tilt operation. Instead of a conventional belt-type mechanism, it can provide monitoring with more precision, less operation noise, and superior durability.

Super Fast (400°/sec) & Super Slow (0.04°/sec) Pan/Tilt Performance
With a maximum 400°/sec. movement, you won't miss a crucial scene. Even when pan/tilting manually, the mechanism is very responsive allowing precise, natural joystick operation. Furthermore, extremely slow movement of 0.04°/sec. is possible, so you can carefully examine a scene even at the highest zoom magnification, thanks to the slow and smooth movement.

Super Accuracy of 0.03° for Preset Positions
With an accuracy of 0.03°, the VN-V686BU can precisely maintain preset camera positions even after frequent panning and tilting—especially important at high zoom magnifications. With an ordinary camera (with low accuracy such as 0.1°), the camera position gradually shifts each time the camera is panned or tilted, so that after frequent usage the position becomes totally different from the initial correct position.

Super Silent Operation of 37dB or lower
The mechanical noises of a belt-driven PTZ camera are absent. In fact, the operating noise as measured from a mere 1m away from our camera amounted to a quiet approx. 37dB. This makes it ideal for usage in locations where noise should be avoided, such as hospitals, museums, libraries and offices.

Super Durability and Reliability
Direct Drive is a very simple mechanism. The number of parts in the mechanism is far less than that of belt-driven PTZ cameras, so one can expect the durability to be approximately 160%. And since the Direct Drive is completely belt-less, there is no possibility of malfunction due to belts that will break on a regular basis. The simplified mechanism greatly reduces the chances of malfunction and increases reliability.

36x Optical Zoom for Incredible Magnification
The VN-V686BU comes with a powerful 36x optical zoom to provide incredible magnification with full optical quality. It is powerful enough to allow identification of a face or a license plate located far away.

Quick and Easy Installation and Maintenance
Thanks to its "One-touch lock" mechanism, installation is extremely easy. Simply insert the camera unit to the bracket, and that's all. Maintenance is easy too. You can replace only the camera unit with the base unit remaining attached. All preset settings will resume so that you can minimize operation downtime.

Ecology-Conscious PoE for Saving Power and Costs
Built-in PoE (Power over Ethernet) allows the camera to be activated through a LAN cable connection. Both power supply and video transmission are covered by a single cable, reducing costs for cables, installation, and power. With a power consumption lower than conventional models, the VN-V686BU can minimize impact on the environment.

Progressive Output for Clearer Images
The VN-V686BU progressive output images are optimal for monitoring on LCD or TFT monitors. You can obtain jaggy-free noiseless images even for moving objects.

EasyWide-D Functionforbacklightcompensation
This function is equivalent to the conventional Wide Dynamic Range function, allowing pictures to be adjusted to identify details of the subject by adjusting gamma curve even in difficult backlit conditions.

IR Cut Filter for Round-the-Clock Surveillance
The IR cut filter automatically switches between ON and OFF according to the level of ambient light. In daytime it outputs a high-quality colour image, and at night the filter mechanism removes the IR filter to output black-and-white images with greater sensitivity.
(When utilizing IR lamps, an external trigger for night mode is recommended.)

Privacy Mask for Protecting Intrusive Monitoring
Up to 8 masked areas can be set as hidden areas to protect subjects from invasion of their privacy.

Proven Reliability
Assurance of reliability comes not only from JVC's years of experience and solid track record, but also by inspecting every single product at our QC facility based on our strict quality standards. For all models, this includes grueling tests for Pan/Tilt and Zoom in/out movement accuracy, and for outdoor models, severe tests against water, dust, and shocks are applied to ensure stable performance that conforms to the IP66 Standard.

MPEG-4/Motion JPEG Full-Frame Dual Stream
The VN-V686BU can stream both MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG VGA images simultaneously at the full frame rate (30fps for each stream). MPEG-4 distribution is ideal where monitoring with smooth, high frame rate images is required within a limited bandwidth. Motion JPEG images are useful when you need to record images as evidence data, because of the high quality still pictures it can provide.

Electronic Sense-Up for Low-Light Situations
Electronic sense up function provides higher sensitivity level for monitoring in dark locations by lengthening the exposure time automatically.

CRT/LCD Selectable Display Mode
By choosing the display mode that matches the monitor being used, you'll get images with optimal brightness regardless of whether you are using a CRT or LCD monitor.

Image Stabilizer
Even in cases where the camera is shook by the wind or vibrations coming from its surroundings, the Image Stabilizer function helps reduce image blur. This function is invaluable in outdoor setups, such as Pendant mount style installations which are especially susceptible to the effects of vibrations.

Motion Detection and Tracking
This function outputs an alarm whenever movement is detected within a pre-specified area of the image. It can also be used to automatically track a moving object or person.

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