Exclusive JVC image processing technology
We've taken our leading-edge image processing technology and upgraded it to exceed the requirements of critical broadcast and production HD users. A new 4:4:4 10-bit processor delivers exceptional performance, without over-processing. The DT-V17L3DY produces natural clear images at all times — even with fast-moving content. JVC's advanced technology also eliminates many of the problems inherent in digital circuits, such as diagonal jaggies, block noise, and mosquito noise, while our exclusive enhancer technology provides accurate image outline correction. A new pixel-based motion adaptive de-interlacer provides superior performance when 1080i and 480i signals are input. The end result is clearly visible on the screen with smoother resolution and crisper, sharper images.

Ultra low latency
Thanks to the new high speed circuitry, the delay between input signal and monitor image is minimized—less than 1 frame—enabling precise, monitoring without lip-sync problems. Additionally, response to changes in input signals is now instantaneous.

High-performance liquid crystal panels
Wide viewing angles, high brightness, excellent focus and contrast performance set JVC's industry-leading DT-V series apart from the competition. In addition, these advanced LCD monitors feature minimal delay between input signal and image display, thus ensuring faithful picture reproduction.

Faithful color reproduction
Matrix parameters are set in response to the actual HD or SD input signal. This makes it possible to accurately reproduce colors in strict conformity with ITU standards without having to process color signals. A chromatic range equivalent to EBU 100%, ensures color reproduction that is virtually identical to the original.

Gamma calibration
Each monitor undergoes an extensive gamma calibration before it is shipped from the factory. Extra attention to detail ensures extremely precise gray scale characteristics.

On-screen video waveform monitor
A precise waveform display is available that can monitor analog or digital video levels. The user can select a threshold between 70 and 110 percent video level above which the indication changes color. The waveform display can be sized and positioned in any corner of the display.

Analog Closed Captioning
Closed captions can be displayed when signals are input via the composite analog input terminals.

Status display
Status information (including time code embedded in SDI signals) is displayed in the blank area above or below the active picture display. (except with PC signals) The use of 16:10 panels allows status information to be displayed with no loss of picture elements.

Compact, all-in-one design
Thanks to a space-saving, all-in-one design (including power supply), the DT-V17L3DY can be installed easily on any wall, shelf, or rack and in a variety of locations such as an OB van, studio control room, or editing studio. It can be installed in a standard EIA rack with a height of 7U and a width of 17", the same as the DT-V1710CG CRT monitor. VESA-standard screw holes of 100 mm x 100 mm pitch are provided.

1:1 pixel scanning function
The 1:1 function facilitates pixel-by-pixel display. Input signals are displayed in their original format without scaling. The DT-V17L3DY (with overscan) can display every single pixel in the an original 1080i or 720p image.

Traditional front panel operation
Anyone used to working with a CRT monitor will find the front panel rotary controls immediately familiar. These convenient controls let you quickly adjust picture and volume, as well as providing fast, direct access to a variety of functions, thus enhancing productivity in any environment.

Various video production functions
A variety of functions have been provided to support creative video production. These include: area markers compatible with different aspect ratios (4:3, 14:9, 13:9, 2.35:1, 1.85:1, and 1.66:1), safe area markers (80%-100%; variable in steps of 1%), 16:9 / 4:3 aspect ratio switching, screen check functions that display R,G and B signals separately, and two-color tally lamps (red and green).

Adjustable stand
The metal table-top stand can be tilted up or down by 6° for easier viewing and more flexible installation. When height is restricted the monitor frame can also be installed directly on a shelf or platform simply by removing the stand.

Dual power source
The DT-V17L3DY can be powered by a standard AC connection or by 12--17V DC batteries (Anton Bauer, IDX or PAG) installed via bracket on the rear panel. This dual power system makes these two monitors extremely versatile, enabling HD image review in the field.

Convenient grip handle
The DT-V17L3DY is fitted with a convenient self-retracting grip handle for easy mobility. To keep the LCD panel clean and protect it from scratches or damage, an optional screen protection filter is available. This protection filter also suppresses reflections when the panel is under bright light.

HD/SD SDI terminals
With two built-in multi-format auto-switching HD/SD-SDI inputs, the DT-V17L3DY can handle most types of HD signals. Terminals are gold plated to prevent corrosion and signal loss. Embedded SDI audio is also supported.

Rugged, durable design
A rugged metal rear cabinet provides excellent heat radiation and greater durability. To prevent any damage to the control panel, it is protected by a speaker grille and reinforced edge design. The rear panel connectors are protected by a concave design.

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