Incredible native contrast ratio: 70,000:1
The DLA-RS35 D-ILA front projector incorporates a number of advanced technologies such as JVC's proprietary D-ILA device, a wire-grid optical engine, and high-performance lens with a fixed aperture to help eliminate unnecessary light that can lower contrast levels to make possible a high native contrast ratio of 70,000:1. Enhanced brightness and deeper, richer blacks make the DLA-RS35 ideal for viewing diverse content, from movies and music videos to live concert performances and sports programs.

Inverse telecine (reverse 2-3 pulldown)
To display TV broadcasts or commercially available DVDs created using the 2-3 pulldown process, the inverse telecine function re-converts the video source back to a 24fps signal and displays it at double speed or 48 fps, ensuring cinema-like viewing faithful to the original source.

JVC's original picture modes
Detailed analysis of the additive color mixture method for projectors and the subtractive color mixture method for film in movie theaters made possible an optimized picture display using a built-in LSI that reproduces all the delicate textures and nuances of film in a home theater environment.

Clear Motion Drive
Clear Motion Drive's high-precision interpolation algorithm enhances the precision of picture-character detection to generate an accurate intermediate frame even for images with rapid movement. Whether broadcasting signal or movie content, viewers can enjoy smoother and clearer images with reduced motion blurring thanks to this unique interpolation technique that optimizes the number of frames.

Screen adjustment mode
As the quality of projected images varies depending on the type of screen and its RGB reflective characteristics, JVC D-ILA projectors have three screen adjustment modes that enable users to select the optimum mode to match screen characteristics for more natural and balanced color reproduction.

Notable industry certifications

ISF (Imaging Science Foundation)

The DLA-RS35 has been licensed with the ISF C 3 (Certified Calibration Controls) mode, enabling trained dealers to professionally calibrate it to specific screen surfaces, lighting environments, and video sources. These precise settings are then stored into the projector to ensure reproduction of film or video content accurate to the source and excellent picture quality in all viewing situations.


The DLA-RS35 has passed the THX Certified Display Program — a series of tests conducted on display devices to verify the high-definition display performance that home theater enthusiasts demand today, ensuring that the projector will always deliver superb picture quality faithful to the source.

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