MSRP: $2,495.00

Professional features

  • Various picture pre-setting mode
  • Monitor calibration (gamma and white balance) software available
  • RS-232C control

Precise picture quality

  • Native HD 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution
  • 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • Wide color spaces: sRGB 100% / Adobe RGB 96% coverage
  • 12-bit per color processor: xRGB = 36 bit
  • Individual gamma curve adjusted prior to shipping


  • 52 manual picture adjustment properties
  • HDMI (V.1.3, with Deep color, with x.v.Color)
  • D-sub 15-pin L/R (mini jack)
  • Component and composite (shared with D-sub 15-pin)

Easy installation

  • Slim depth: 42.5 mm
  • Lightweight: 12 kg (without speaker and stand)
  • Swivelling stand with 3-step height adjustment
  • VESA mounting holes
  • Removable speaker
  • Multi power supply: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Wide color gamut and Adobe RGB compatibility
The GD-42X1's wider color gamut ensures that digital still photographs taken using sRGB or Adobe RGB color space will be faithfully reproduced. Depending on the source signal — video or stills — the user can select a color mode from Wide ( the LCD's color space), Normal (ITU-R BT.709, HDTV standards), x.v.color (xvYCC extended gamut), sRGB (same primaries as HDTV) and Adobe RGB, with the latter two designed especially for viewing digital still images.

Individual gamma curve adjustment prior to shipping
By calibrating each unit's gamma to gamma 2.2 before the unit is shipped, JVC is able to ensure extremely precise greyscale characteristics.

Picture pre-set modes
JVC offers various recommended pre-set picture modes to suit your application.
  • Signage: This pre-set enables brighter pictures and sharper text, making it suitable for digital signage solutions.
  • CCTV HD / CCTV SD: Choose this setting for vivid pictures, ideal for CCTV monitoring. CCTV SD mode is set with enhanced darks and pulled-up sharpness compared with CCTV HD mode, to make it suitable for analog cameras.
  • Photo Pro: Pre-set featuring sRGB color space to make it suitable for watching still pictures from SLR digital cameras.
  • Option: Pre-set gamma curve to make it suitable for displaying medical images including x-ray pictures.
  • Standard: JVC's standard setting for professional

52 On-screen image-quality adjustment properties
To achieve the best color reproduction for any source, the GD-42X1 features 52 on-screen image-quality adjustment properties that allow fine-tuning of color, tint, gamma and more.

JVC picture engine
The JVC picture engine accurately reproduces natural colors and clear pictures. Several ON/OFF selectable on-screen functions are available to support installation depends on application.

Real bit driver
A 12-bit per color (xRGB =36 bit) processor up-converts 8-bit signals into 12-bit deep color signals to ensure smoother gradation regardless of the quality of the original source signals. This function works with video and PC signals.

Noise reduction
Effectively reduces noise without motion blur by detecting picture noise in each of the 16 frequency areas in real-time. It also adjusts the amount of noise reduction as required without adversely affecting the original picture. This function works with still and moving pictures, video and PC signals.

color management
This original algorithm naturally increases visual sensitivity for colors in areas of an object that viewers focus on. It analyses the color distribution in each frame of the input signal in real-time, performing high level processing for those areas. It create images with vividly realistic colors and textures, as well as more presence. This function works with video and PC signals.

100Hz/120Hz anti-blurring technology
Significantly reduces motion blur in moving pictures with rapid motion by utilising a high-precision interpolation algorithm to double the frame rate. A real time, motion-estimated Hadamard 3D noise reduction system is also used to eliminate noise, while maintaining the realism and sharpness of the original picture for both 50Hz and 60Hz signals.

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