This camera has been designed to assure precise color reproduction in low light situations. It is possible to identify image colors in much darker places.

3D Noise Reduction (3DNR)
3DNR is the powerful method to improve image quality even though it's shot in the dark. Noise data is detected by comparing some continuous frames and reduced by blending it into other frames over time.

Fine Focus Adjustment Technology
For assisting focusing to the finest point, the Variable-Focal lens now incorporates a newly developed focus gear mechanism (Patent Pending).

Monitor Output for Quick Installation
An external monitor can be connected via the RCA jack. You can easily check the camera angle on the spot during or after installation.

Upgraded "A" Version Performance Enhancements
Image processing enhancements released in July 2010 offer upgraded performance in the following areas:

  • Brightness. Internal setting for brightness in the LCD mode is improved, helping to deliver a brighter image in various scenes. (Brightness in the CRT mode is unchanged.)
  • Crispness. Images look crisper in the LCD mode with an improved "look and feel."
  • ATW Stability. Auto Tracking White balance is now more stable and is not easily influenced by color objects in the scene.
  • Mercury-vapor scenes. Objects illuminated by mercury-vapor light sources now look more natural with better color reproduction
  • Brightness range. The adjustable brightness range has been widened
  • Improved edge enhancement Objects that are highlighted are now more easily recognizable thanks to improvements in the enhancement circuit

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