Native contrast of 30,000:1
JVC's original D-ILA technology with a new optical engine make it possible to deliver a native contrast ratio of 30,000:1. With truer black levels, darker images such as the night sky can be more precisely reproduced to make the DLA-F110 suitable for displaying content with considerable depth such as that shown at museums, laboratories, planetariums, etc.

Equipped with JVC's originally developed D-ILA device
The projector is equipped with three 0.7-inch full HD D-ILA devices (1920 x 1080 dot) developed by JVC. Combined with the high aperture ratio of the D-ILA method*, full 1920x1080 HD resolution ensures smooth video reproduction without "screen-door" effects even for large screen sizes. This means that text and numerals are reproduced clearly without any bleed. What's more, the D-ILA device is also known for its long operating life and consistent performance.
*D-ILA is a device originally developed by JVC and is also known as the LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon).

1,700-lumen brightness
The optical engine utilizes a newly developed 220W ultra-high pressure mercury lamp to achieve a brightness level of 1,700 lumens with vivid color reproduction. This is complemented by a 2X motorized zoom lens that maintains outstanding focusing precision. When combined with the high 30,000:1 native contrast ratio, the lens system is capable of reproducing video content with the kind of brilliant colors and clarity that only the D-ILA method can provide. A 16-step lens aperture function enables brightness adjustment to not only suit user preferences but also operating ambiences, helping to ensure deeper and truer black levels.

New Color Management System with 7-axis matrix
In addition to the ordinary 6-axis matrix of red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow, the new Color Management System features a seventh matrix of orange to ensure the precise adjustment of hue, saturation, and intensity. The addition of the orange axis also helps in enhancing the selection of the color spectrum for skin tones. And for improved operability, only the color being adjusted will be shown on the screen while the others are displayed in black and white.

D-ILA projection in 3D
The DLA-F110 employs a Frame Sequential 3D method to display full resolution left and right images, which when viewed with a pair of 3D Active Shutter glasses that darken alternately for each eye, enables 3D images to be viewed. Additionally, the fast response characteristics and picture quality offered by D-ILA technology allow viewers to enjoy vivid and colorful 3D images with far less crosstalk or image ghosting. This means that a special screen is not necessary, making the DLA-F110 ideal for various applications that utilize 3D video content such as converence rooms, amusement centers, museums, and laboratories. This D-ILA projector is also compatible with a number of 3D formats including Frame Packing for Blu-ray 3D, Side-by-Side (used mainly for broadcasting), and Top-and-Bottom. 3D images can even be played back directly from JVC's GY-HMZ1U professional 3D camcorder.
Note: The optional PK-EM1 synchro emitter and PK-AG1-B active shutter glasses are required for 3D operation. Keystone, anamorphic mode, and certain other functions cannot be used while projecting in 3D mode.

Powered lens shift and 2X zoom lens
As standard equipment, the DLA-F110 features a 2X motorized zoom lens with motorized focus that can project images onto a large 100-inch screen at distances of between 10.2 and 20.3 feet. Additionally, flexible installation in a variety of setup environments is assured thanks to the powered lens-shift function, which enables ±80% vertical and ±34% horizontal adjustment via remote control.
NOTE: Shift range values are used to set vertical and horizontal shifts individually. The maximum shift value will differ when vertical and horizontal lens shift are adjusted together.

Tilted installation 360° vertically
The DLA-F110 projector can be installed vertically at any angle, making it suitable for use in confined spaces or otherwise difficult installation applications.

Easy-to-use remote controller
The projector comes supplied with a wireless remote controller offering various direct operations such as video input. The buttons on the controller are designed to illuminate automatically to ensure easy operation even in the dark and an optional wired remote controller that is capable of controlling the projector from out-of-reach locations is also available*.
*Availability may vary; consult a local authorized JVC dealer for details.

Lamp replacement after 3,000 hours (Normal mode)
A highly efficient 220W ultra-high pressure mercury lamp is used to realize extended operation of up to 3,000 hours in Normal mode to help reduce maintenance costs.

Keystone function*
Distorted images that are caused by vertical tilt on the projector can be adjusted via the Keystone function. When the projector is positioned outside of its lens shift coverage area, the Keystone function digitally adjusts distorted images to make them look more natural.
*Cannot be used while projecting in 3D mode.

A wide range of input and output terminals
In addition to two HDMI terminals, the DLA-F110 is equipped with two analog RGB inputs and is also compatible with PC analog signals. Other terminals making the projector seamless with various systems and applications include RC-232C, a LAN terminal for projector control, remote terminals for remote operation via connection of an extended IR sensor, and a trigger terminal, making the DLA-F110 applicable for a wide variety of systems.