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Super MPEG Pre- and Post-Processors: Pre-Processor reduces noise in analog source signal before MPEG-2 encoding by way of Time Base Corrector (TBC) to eliminate jitter contained in analog signals, Frame Synchronizer to correct frame crossover jitter, and Motion Active Noise Reduction which uses an algorithm to ensure moving images free of smear and lag. Post-Processor also applies several noise-reduction technologies including Block Noise Reduction Circuit to reduce MPEG block noise, Color DigiPure for 3D noise reduction with enhanced color and details, and Hadamard Noise Reduction to eliminate mosquito noise in virtually any DVD.

Library Database DVD Navigation and Animated Thumbnail (DVD-RAM/DVD-RW VR format) stores information on up to 1300 programs, including titles, disc numbers and dates, so when you select a program it tells you which disc to load. Choosing the right program on the disc is simple as clicking on a moving thumbnail image, complete with sound.

On-disc Timer Programming (DVD-RAM/DVD-RW VR format) stores timer data on disc, so inserting a disc will automatically program the deck's timer for recording on that disc.

Live Memory capitalizes on DVD-RAM's rewriting capability to allow simultaneous recording and playback while playing scenes that were missed without interrupting the recording. Live Check displays real-time recording scene in a sub-window.

Playback Features: Instant Replay for a 7-second playback and Quick Skip to jump 30-sec ahead per press.

Undo Finalization to continue recording on DVD-RW.

DVD Navigation with Animated Thumbail (DVD-RAM and DVD-RW VR formats)

Linear PCM Audio Recording (XP mode)

Auto 16:9 Recording & Playback

Audio: 192kHz/24-bit Audio D/A Converter, Dolby Digital/DTS Digital Output, Virtual Surround


  • S-VHS, VHS, and S-VHS ET* Recording and Playback (SP mode only)
  • Time Base Corrector
  • 3R Picture (Digital or Analog)
  • 3D Digital Y/C Separation, 3D YNR, 3D CNR, and 3D S-Color
  • 2 MB Frame Memory for Fine Still Picture & Slow Motion

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