GY-HD100U firmware upgrade (07/07)
GY-HD110U firmware upgrade (07/07)

This upgrade is for owners of JVC's 100 Series ProHD Camcorders purchased in the United States. This firmware version addresses the following issue:

Sometimes a continuously HDV recorded section of tape is broken into multiple clips when a GY-HD100U series camcorder is used as a playback deck for ingest into Final Cut Pro. This firmware will eliminate or minimize the number of clips that Final Cut Pro generates for a continuously recorded HDV section of tape.

There are six different FIRMWARE versions for the GY-HD1xxU series camcorders, all six versions accomplish the same thing and only differ because of small hardware changes during the production run of the camcorders.

In order to ensure that you download the correct edition for your camcorder you will need to obtain a "FIRMWARE KEY". Please have your camcorder available, select your model below and you will be presented with instructions on how to determine your "FIRMWARE KEY".

Once you have obtained the correct key for your camcorder, you may click the "CONTINUE" button and proceed with the download.

If you do not have the necessary components, or if you are not comfortable with performing the upgrade yourself, please contact JVC Customer Support at 1-800-582-5825.

Please select the model that you are upgrading below: