The network camera shall be a JVC Model VN-C11U or equivalent. The VN-C11U camera shall incorporate a 1/3" CCD image sensor, 380,000 pixels with built-in complementary color filter for accurate color with no image lag or distortion. The network camera lens mount configuration shall accept both C and CS mount lenses, as well as DC Auto Iris lenses. The network camera shall produce JPEG compression, picture sizes of 640x480, 320x240 & 160x120 and MPEG4 compression, picture sizes of 320x240 and 160x 120 that transfer a frame rate of 30fps for smooth motion pictures and a signal to noise ratio of 50dB for sharp pictures. The network camera shall have programmable IP address that allows install multiple units in the same LAN environment.

The network camera shall have a built-in Web Server that allows connect it directly to the Internet without a computer. The network camera shall feature a FTP server capability for storage of user-designed web pages. The network camera shall feature NAT/IP Masquerade that multiple VN-C11Us can be connected to a NAT/IP Masquerade compatible router and share a single IP address. The network camera shall feature a pre/post alarm recording allows record 30 seconds of images before trigger alarm recording and after ended alarm trigger. The network camera shall feature a motion detection allows indicates any movement in a programmed grid area and detects by sensitivity or minimum area by 8x8 pixels.

The network camera shall feature an analog monitor output allows easy adjustment at installation site. The network camera shall feature an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit provide clear images in low light conditions. The network camera shall deliver a usable color picture at a scene illumination of 1.0 Lux. The network camera shall feature Automatic White Balance for accurate color reproduction or Manual adjustment for flexible operation in a wide range of environment. The network camera shall have user-friendly menu set up and adjustment of Auto IRIS level, BLC, Compression level, Color saturation level, AWB/Manual, AGC, programmable Camera ID, Time & Date, adjustable bandwidth between 64Kbps to 2Mbps and full function control by provided controller & Viewing software and thru Web browser.

The network camera shall incorporate a UDP/IP, TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, DHCP, IGMP, ARP, RTP and RTSP protocols for various network applications. The VN-C11U is fully compatible with VN-A1U, VN-C10U, VN-C30U and VN-S400U, which can be easily mixed in a system. The provided controller & viewing software shall feature a recording and playback, snapshot functions allow for PC surveillance system. The network camera shall incorporate a 10 Base-T & 100 Base-Tx Ethernet, IEEE802.3 standard communication. The maximum length of control data cable (CAT5) shall be 900 feet allows point to point connection and extension can be made thru a switching Hub. Power source shall be DC12V, 1.2A or AC24V. The network camera's dimensions shall not exceed 2-5/9?(H) x 2-4/5(W), x 5-3/4(D). The unit shall be UL listed.