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GY-DV500 Professional Camcorder Establishes Unbeatable Cost-to-Performance Standard

Wayne, New Jersey (July 29, 1999) -- JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY has set new standards in professional video acquisition with the introduction of the GY-DV500 PROFESSIONAL DV component digital camcorder. The PROFESSIONAL DV series incorporates DV technology to achieve high quality performance at an incredibly low price point.

JVC’s new GY-DV500 PROFESSIONAL DV camcorder is ideal for a broad array of professional video applications, from electronic news gathering and event videography to multi-media production. The PROFESSIONAL DV line is based on JVC’s belief that professional digital video production can be achieved by all segments of the marketplace, and that no professional should settle for consumer camcorders. JVC’s PROFESSIONAL DV line utilizes the Mini DV cassette and maximizes the potential of the DV format to deliver remarkable results.

Anchoring JVC’s PROFESSIONAL DV line is the versatile GY-DV500 Camcorder. This full-featured three ½-inch IT CCD fully digital camcorder offers unprecedented performance in its price range.

This PROFESSIONAL DV camcorder does not sacrifice quality or performance. The GY-DV500 achieves a sensitivity of F11@2000 LUX. The camera portion of the GY-DV500 delivers the equivalent of 750 lines of horizontal resolution and a wealth of professional, broadcast features, including 14-bit digital signal processing, Full Auto White, Black Stretch/Compression, built-in Genlock, zebra level indicator and JVC’s renowned LoLux low light performance. The camera can either be operated in the full manual mode, made easy because of its professional-standard ergonomic design, or, for added convenience, can be switched to Full Auto Shooting. The Mini DV cassette offers over 60 minutes of record time.

In addition, the GY-DV500 camcorder, like and all PROFESSIONAL DV products, provides IEEE 1394 "FireWire" in and out, allowing direct to computer or direct to non-linear editor convenience. This is a key feature for event videographers, and multimedia producers, empowering them to digitally spool directly to a non-linear editing platform without loss, and then to download directly back to videotape using the camera alone. Because it is a true professional camcorder, the PROFESSIONAL DV GY-DV500 provides for two channels of 16-bit digital PCM audio at 48 kHz, and SMPTE time code reader/generator. In addition, the camera can accommodate interchangeable lenses, via a standard ½-inch bayonet mount, as well as XLR mic inputs, audio outputs, headphone output, and both composite and Y/C output. There is a SMPTE-type color bar generator and manual audio and mic level adjustments.

A JVC innovation in the GY-DV500 camcorder is "Super SceneFinder." This is a brand new feature exclusive to PROFESSIONAL DV. The GY-DV500 keeps track of individual scenes as you shoot, then records them to a special header on the tape. When it’s time to edit, or to batch digitize, your work becomes much easier. You can even flag "Takes" and "No Good" scenes as you shoot, up to 134 scenes per cassette. In addition, scene data from the past three cassettes is stored in the camera memory so that it can be recorded to the cassette at a later time.

Despite being packed with features, the PROFESSIONAL DV GY-DV500 is lightweight. Complete with lens, viewfinder and standard battery pack, the entire unit weighs in at less than 11 pounds. For flexibility in ENG and field recording operations, the GY-DV500 consumes only 20 watts of power.

"The PROFESSIONAL DV line is a dynamic new innovation from JVC, closing the gap between high-cost professional cameras and consumer camcorders that just don’t have the performance a professional needs," noted Jim Turner, JVC’s National Marketing Manager. "One look a the new GY-DV500 camcorder will tell you that this is a true professional camera, packed with high-end professional features. Yet the price is such that virtually any serious video professional – from small market broadcasters to wedding and event videographers and even multimedia producers – can afford to have this camcorder in his or her arsenal. For both seasoned professionals and those who are ready to step up to the professional level, the GY-DV500 is the ideal camera, offering all of the features they could ever need."

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, distributes a complete line of presentation, broadcast and professional equipment including cameras, recorders and editing products. For more information about JVC’s PROFESSIONAL DV line, or any other JVC professional equipment, contact David Walton at 1-800-JVC-5825 or visit the JVC web site at

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